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Papakiki – Less Family Friendly On BD

May 9, 2012 @ 16:14 CDT

Papakiki’s third Blu-ray volume isn’t exactly uncensored, yet alongside average color correction, it has been made significantly sultrier – otherworldly white mist cleared up to show more oppai than seen on TV.

While the sky seems to have cleared up as well, that’s certainly not what anyone would purchase this BD for.

All manner of enhanced oppai exposure can be seen below, it of course doesn’t aide the series overall in any single way – rather, it simply serves as a reward for those who purchased the Blu-ray. Papakiki is definitely not the most spectacular of animations – though it appears the only adjustments made were ones fairly arbitrary, expected, or saying it slightly differently, not necessarily “improvements” despite being edits.

Alterations done to the sky are quite lovely indeed, and more fitting of the scenery – aside from that however, the remaining changes are all merely as previously examined, senseless facial replacements intermixed with several other meaningless tidbits, such as opening Hina’s eyes in image three below.

Most prominent of the corrections, the series is now partially uncensored to boast more skin in bathing scenes – with all females being affected by this welcomed revision, from the ample Oda Raika, to the flat chested tsundere. It would be a lie to say the series isn’t any more visually sweet than was previously – yet this indecisive semi-censorship is detestable, and of the many things this tactic may make, logic is not one of them. If oppai are going to be shown to a borderline degree, then why not go the extra step further?

In contrast, if nothing of the sort was desired, then why go the effort of making it more visible?

Unfortunately, it may be less family friendly, yet this BD isn’t very tempting.


  • Anonymous says:

    Nothing to see here folks, go find the manga for this and the one focused on Raika, ecchi in both beats the anime easily or find doujins for your full nude Sora, Miu, Raika & Hina needs.

  • Anonymous says:

    Now they just need to remove the water and we’ll be good.

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