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Newtype Features Saber Seifuku Artwork

May 8, 2012 @ 13:10 CST

Seeking to outdo Young Ace’s June 2012 issue, Newtype’s publication for the month comes featuring a servant Saber of Fate/Zero fitted in seifuku – a sight sweet, although admittedly amusing to quite a degree.

“Master Artoria”, as seen here, is certainly a treat to the visual receptors – she appears gentle and delicate, as well as more feminine than usual. That alone can make for a few giggles if one chooses to compare her to several other renditions of her character – however sticking solely to this artwork, do notice that this lovely schoolgirl is carrying an Excalibur in hand.

A flaming mythological blade is certainly not the most school appropriate accessory a girl can have.


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