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Sony has prepared a crystal white Hatsune Miku variant of their current gen portable gaming system, the PSVita, which is set to be bundled with the digital superstar’s latest upcoming Project DIVA game.

This flavor which contrasts the default Sony black certainly treats the eye well as the crystal white appears relaxing to some extent – and serves as quite a welcomed change of pace from the norm. Not to mention, there’s no one who wouldn’t appreciate such an extra degree of collectability added to a game and console purchase combo. Or actually however, there may be just a few – the many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, who have already purchased a regular black PSVita.

Of course not every individual of that randomly estimated number will be dying for this – although for those few, they will certainly feel to have been shafted just a bit. Yet in all fairness, the purchasers of the crystal white Vita will likely feel the same when something like a cherry pink Miku themed Vita releases a month or two later.

Yet in all seriousness, concerns aside, this is again, rather nice – one merely should hope that the availability of the system won’t be constrained, and of course, that this soon to be made public Hatsune Miku Project DIVA game manages to succeed with flying colors of all kinds on the PSVita.

There’s no denying that the game wouldn’t have worked well on the original PSP or its many variants, all in thanks to a simplistic control scheme – yet the Vita solves that with dual analogues, accelerometers, gyroscopics, motion detecting panels, and whatever other sorts of gratuitously advanced methods of control which should definitely prove more than enough for an unhindered experience.


  • Hawkward says:

    DAT PRICE TAG, I’ve been expecting a Miku Vita, but I think I’ll just go for the preorder skin bonus XD Really nice artwork, but a fanatic has to show some tough love for the Diva they adore ;_;

  • avatar subby says:

    I knew they’d announce a Miku-themed Vita soon, guess I have a birthday present for myself now.

    • Hawkward says:

      Good thing you can get a JP Vita, then just get your own region’s charger cable and you’re set. I would love to own this, but there are a couple of pressing concerns…

      #1- The price, it’s a whole 10,000 Yen more than the standard
      #2- While the colour is attractive, after excessive play it might end up turning a more yellow tone (in my experience with white handheld systems). Unless Vita’s have anti-de-whitening technology on the surface of the Vita.

      However, the base price itself for just the Crystal White Vita is nice, making me geel that quite the big leap in sale value for some back cover art >_>

      Leading off from what Seven said, it’s be more reasonable for this to be a Snow Miku Vita, the intense white doesn’t compliment Miku very well as opposed to say, a more aqua/cyan colour. I think that a seasonal Vita would be more suitable, release Sakura, Snow and Racing Miku for example.

      While I’m by no means saying “Ugh don’t buy this!”, if you love Miku and want to pay the extra, go for it, she’s a beautiful idol, as such you’re provided with equally exquisite artwork, but it’s a pass for me.

      (my comment might have derailed, poor anon will have a heart attack if he see’s this)

      • Seven says:

        I formerly had a silver PSP – and while not exactly white, it was still a lighter color of course and the paint was fine. Sony really uses higher end finishes on the consoles – in the case of the PSP, this is great. Though citing a negative instance, it was sort of a nuisance on the PS3.

      • avatar subby says:

        Here in Australia the WiFi model is $350, while the 3G version is $420 (both standalone). Japanese prices rarely bother me since most stuff here is overpriced.

        • Seven says:

          The 3G is not worth it personally – in my experiences, any connection that relies on mobile towers is horribly inconsistent and has a massive tendency to drop. Also I’m not sure if the plan varies in Australia, although here, the deal for the 3G on the Vita is around $20-30 a month for 5GB of 3G – that costs more than my regular internet, and I formerly had a 4G home connection which could hardly surpass dial-up in speeds, so I don’t even want to know how slow “3G” will be.

          Also, Wi-Fi hotspots aren’t so rare that one need worry about it here.

  • avatar subby says:

    Yeah I agree. Spreading the cost of the Vita over 12 months with Australia’s exclusive Vodafone carrier… 2GB = $55, 6GB = $65, 12GB = $75, 14GB = $85, 18GB = $95. Per month.

    Not sure what they’re thinking, it’s incomprehensible.

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