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Nisemonogatari Undergoes Major Edits

May 7, 2012 @ 0:09 CDT

Nisemonogatari’s first Blu-ray volume contains major changes, entire scenes have been replaced – allowing one to see why SHAFT and Nisio Isin are perfect for each other, neither know of acting “in moderation”.

Looking at the pair of frames above as an example – this is a highly significant and memorable scene, Shurararagi-kun’s first encounter with his imouto Karen. We formerly even analyzed the present aesthetics in-depth for this scene, applauding the fantastic visuals – yet SHAFT felt the need to redo it entirely. The change is not a negative – however it is honestly hard to understand the positive when speaking of the edits this scene received specifically, or so it would initially seem.

Karen formerly stood alongside a wasp yellow railing with a slight fish-eye perspective effect – the alteration however could not be any more blatant. Everything was tossed and replaced – a fresh background, a re-illustrated imouto, and a newly made Arararagi. Everything is literally different – and that also means descrepancy in shadow, color, line, shape, the whole 360 degrees. The only aspect which has remained the same is the exquisite art technique used to sketch this new scene.

Ironically however, the scene still provides the same context to the story – despite not being anywhere near alike in composition when it comes to visuals. Yet while the changes appear drastic, the only modifications SHAFT actually did, looking at it from a general view, is merely move Karen and Arararagi across the street – indeed, in the TV variant of the scene, one can see that the temple is in the picture as well, just on the other side of the road.

And in fact, when one looks at the scene as a whole, as is available below, one can then understand why SHAFT made the large-scale rearrangement – Karen-tan was initially walking on her hands alongside the temple rooftop, yet in the televised rendition of the series, she somehow from there ended up across the street, right in front of Arararagi and the yellow railing. SHAFT has essentially made the scene more logical visually.

Aside from the refinements highlighted above, there’s many more scenes which have been redrawn, adjusted to include an additional element, or subtly corrected – all of which are very noticeable with relative ease when scanning the side-by-side comparisons below.


  • liamash3 says:

    Much different – and improved. Reminds me of the persona 4 post you did a while ago. Everything seems redone and improved a fair bit…now to scrounge the cash for a Blu-Ray release…
    Oh wait, the blu-ray won’t have english subs :( time to see if a fansub group is translating them…

    • Seven says:

      I find these alterations far more drastic than those Persona had – Persona certainly had some significant edits, although SHAFT went as far as to replace entire scenes here.

  • Anonymous says:

    And SHAFT proves themselves to be, once again, SHAFT– for which I am grateful.

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