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Haiyore! Nyaruko – Hot Loli Betrayal

May 7, 2012 @ 19:05 CDT

Haiyore! Nyaruko takes a jab at all sorts of series in this most recent spectacle – introducing a mixed preference love triangle, and even pitting two yuri candidates against one another, all whilst going back to the future.

A yellow-clad yaoi shota kid had business with the mother of our protagonist’s heroine – more specifically, his father sent him on an errand for such. That being the case, Nyaruko starts contemplating various scenarios of what the truth behind this could be – a love affair for instance perhaps. The small-minded protagonist is quick to refuse such possibilities however – and on a separate note, the hot loli has something else in mind entirely.

“Kuuko”, as she is called, wishes to see the shota kid in a yaoi relationship with the incompetent male lead as this would mean she would have no competitors in her struggle for a successful yuri romance. One could simply not not agree any more with this ideal scenario – the inferior Mahiro is not even worthy of Nyaruko.

Nyaruko will not accept this however – and foolish as the leading male may be, he’s not a homosexual.

Nonetheless, the episode tarries on with more significant matters – the mother of the pitiful leading male arrives to find a group of mythological creatures standing outside her home in a gathering alongside her son, and as they hope to discuss the situation, the green woman of last time manifests from nothing. This green, megane fitted female’s arrival is frankly quite superb – she somehow lures away the mother of the worthless leading male, and she also manages to pull the hot loli into her regime.

Megane woman whispered something in their ears, and with that, they joined her team – all three riding the DeLorean back to the future. This turn of events is spectacular as it means two nuisances are taken care of – meaning more Nyaruko exclusively for ourselves. Unfortunately however, the yaoi yellow kid remains, and he’s thinking too highly of himself – arrogantly attempting to pull away the love interest of our heroine. Despite Mahiro being a complete piece of trash, it’s painful to see our creeping cuteness in a saddened state.

Obligatory nonsense aside however, scenes of comedy here, there, and a few minutes later, Nyaruko prepares to mobilize and venture out in order to recover the mother of the recyclable leading annoyance named “Mahiro”. Even though his mother left of her own volition, this kid admits to selfishly wanting her to return – as apparently, he’s one of those “mama’s boy” types who depend on their mothers for everything, regardless of age.

In any case, Nyaruko aides the infant who she considers her “lover” before he starts crying – the crew of three go to the beach and ride the ultra-convenient Nyarlathotep amphibian vehicle off to the same place they left for when they first came across Kuuko. Many gags later, the protagonist has his first kiss taken by the yaoi yellow kid – and Nyaruko squares off against her arch-nemesis yuri fangirl, a suspenseful ending of impending hot loli action to shortly ensue.


  • alan says:

    the car in the 5th picture reminds me of the car from the movies “Back to the future” but in a different color

  • skylion says:

    Mahiro x Hasta and Nyaruko x Chtuko

    This should be the show we are watching. If only because I very much love watching people cringe over make believe stuff.

    • Seven says:

      I want Mahiro to be with Hasta cause even if he’s not homosexual, I thought of him as a faggot anyways. Two lolis are by far better than one.

      • skylion says:

        …harsh. He is wasting massive touch time with our heroine. We’ve debated back and forth about his lack of pounce; she is a mass of wiggly bits in a moe suit. Many understand his reluctance, many would abandon all hope and jump into the wiggly. But, really he’s been saving himself….now we all know why.

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