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Yuru Yuri Satisfies Gym Uniform Fetishes

May 4, 2012 @ 13:26 CST

Yuru Yuri’s second season is upcoming, and in preparation of the event, the official site has been decked out with an illustration of the series’ pink haired mahou shoujo lookalike, Chinatsu, preparing for an athletic outing.

Mainly, this image caters to those with fetishes for gym uniforms – or perhaps an extreme admiration for lolis. There’s not much to be seen otherwise as the piece isn’t particularly an artistic transcendence – and it’s uncertain if this artwork is intended to be a hint of sorts for what’s to come with the second season or not. It could be very well possible that Yuru Yuri may start with an athletic festival – then again, this could simply be here for any number of amusing side-purposes.

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