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To Love-Ru Elegant Loli Dakimakura

May 4, 2012 @ 6:19 CST

An anime approaches, yet To Love-Ru Darkness is ensuring it takes the money of otaku far earlier with the release of this eloquently loli based dakimakura which steals attention through traits both cute and sexy.

To the right, this sight is quite an emotional mixer as it is adorable, yet not necessarily in the typical moe manner oft-seen, as at the same time, aside from the more openly revealed areas she exhibits, it’s as if there’s an elegance of risqué suggestion overall – or rather, a subtly inviting pose which doesn’t seem as if racy at all. The same applies to her image on the left – however clearly, this one is not nearly as “subtle”. Rather, it seems she has a more commonly accepted tsundere face – embarrassed with a slight combination of concern and disgust.

As expected of a loli, she excels effortlessly in everything – even huggable pillows.

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