An elemental workshop.

Accel World continues to accelerate at an unstoppable speed, traveling faster than light into the depths of mediocre as the centric plot of the tale is amateur at best – and the rest is unsurprisingly asinine.

A nonsensical episode later, one will find themselves at the point where this spectacle starts – our porktagonist is feverishly hoping to face off against his friend, and apparently, current rival, whose visage implies drug abuse, to ensure that the stoner won’t lay his filthy hands on the butterfly which our leading chubby pig character loves.

This battle is ridiculous in its entirety for reasons which could fill a list lengthy – and then some. First of all, as the leading pig and the drug abuser have their obligatory pre-fight monologue, the pig justifies himself as superior over his friend with the reasoning that his friend is “a dumbass” – while that would work superbly in kindergarten, the leading pig is a highschooler, as shocking as that may be to even himself.

Secondly, in the actual midst of combat, the pig hypocritically begins yelling in lecture at his amphetamine overdose faced friend about how despite being the boyfriend of the generic side-character female childhood tomodachi, the drug user doesn’t understand her feelings at all. That’s not particularly credible a statement coming from someone who, overlooking past incidents such as ignoring attempts at communication or swatting away food, completely desecrated and took for granted her emotions when he used her as a tool an episode or so ago.

At this point, it’s becoming rather apparent that our protagonist isn’t overweight from genetics or indulging too deeply in a meal – rather, it seems he’s full of a certain four letter word synonymous with feces.

In any case, the drugpile abuser still mercilessly beats the pig’s metal “avatar” into pieces – yet he makes the vital mistake of not finishing him off. As he spared the pig, the pig conveniently found the butterfly peacefully in a coma of sleep right beside where he ended up after taking a pummeling.

As the story cannot progress otherwise due to its poor composition, the pig magically grows wings and begins to fly – infuriating many who depended on the relevant hyperbolic exaggeration to make their stances clear. Yet shattered adynata are the least of worries for the drug abuser – little did he realize, it is in fact when pigs fly that he won’t be able to beat the main character. Apparently, wings make the main character, as pathetic as he is, portrayed as if he were heroic – which he, unfortunately for himself, isn’t.

He grasps his drug abusing buddy and flies him thousands of feet in the sky – then the pig threatens him with digital death to admit that he’s inferior at the MMORPG they’re playing. Instead of questioning the relevance of that to anything, the drug abuser instead gives in to the pig – feeling that role-playing games are far too serious business to simply abandon. Apparently, RPGs are his foremost addiction before illegal drugs.

With that inane conflict settled, having accomplished little other than showing that the protagonist has a severe case of insecurity, the butterfly wondrously comes back to life from her coma to flashily show-off – almost like something out of a sub-par anime series with an RPG based theme and numerous plot fallacies. And from there, the episode trails off into some dull tsundere service “moements”.

It’s blatantly obvious – although allow us to needlessly state it, this series is horrible. And while that may seem harsh, it’s simply been on a commendable streak of awful ever since the third episode – indeed, it’s impressive how this series has, and still continues to wither in quality on a weekly basis. Sadly, Accel World is summing up to be no more than a fascinating subject for both ridicule, and research of animation characteristics to avoid.


  • liamash3 says:

    So it’s on a downwards slope? A shame, it had such promise….
    Still watching it for the humour though :)
    Is the hospital girl butterfly-girl, or a different character? Haven’t seen the episode yet…

    • Seven says:

      The hospital girl is the butterfly – but apparently, no amount of medical trauma can keep a girl from moving around in a half-baked story.

  • alexsaingxd says:

    Black Lotus Avatar looks awesome and epic!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey you have to take into account the setting and pay attention before posting about plot errors. For one, the issue with Kuroyukihime suddenly “getting up” is due to the new advancements in medical technology. They did mention nano machines and all that. Also it wasn’t as if her body suddenly fully recovered. The only thing you really need in order to be fully active in the accelerated world is your brain. She could be paralyzed and still move around just fine in the virtual world. So basically she just regained consciousness. Her activity in the last part of the ep(The meeting with Haru in the hospital) is due to a small time-skip + better medical technology.

    As for why they’re taking it so seriously, well it should be obvious. You did liken Taku’s addiction to brain burst as a drug, and that’s kind of true. He uses Brain Burst to gain an edge over his opponents in real life. Unlimited time to study, perfect reaction time in kendo etc. On the verge of losing his “power” in real life, of course he’d become a little crazy.

    I don’t like it when people mistakenly point out plot errors that aren’t actually there, but I won’t fault you for your opinion on the show. I myself enjoy it a lot, but that doesn’t mean others have to. There are plenty of ways for characters to rub some people the wrong way and endear themselves to others.

    • Seven says:

      “They did mention nano machines and all that”

      They also came up with an excuse as to how she was able to move in the accelerated world and save the pig – that works, in a sub-par story.

      “Also it wasn’t as if her body suddenly fully recovered.”

      I don’t mention this what you’ve said. However I will say that the series doesn’t imply anything one way or the other – considering she’s magically fine, it tilts towards more the fact that indeed she’s recovered.

      “You did liken Taku’s addiction to brain burst as a drug”

      I was speaking in reference to his sickened facial expression – although that works too.

      “As for why they’re taking it so seriously, well it should be obvious.” “of course he’d become a little crazy.”

      That’s an opinion.

      “I don’t like it when people mistakenly point out plot errors that aren’t actually there,”

      I don’t like it when people think they’re correct – and they’re not. I’m not saying you’re entirely wrong either – rather, you missed the fact that I was pointing out. Sure, the idiotic methods of going about the plot within Accel World work, they’re merely entirely preposterous and degrade the story.

      Also, basically all you did here was account for the butterfly’s magical fix up with the excuse of “nanomachines” – and then you simply shared two paragraphs of opinion. If you want to debate “mistakenly pointed out plot errors”, you have to have more than one, since you’re referencing with a plural – and it would be better if you had more to it than merely a line which doesn’t tilt the conversation one way or the other.

      • tsukune says:

        they are already making nano machnes and they can repair cells at the rate of a snail moving 1cm HOWEVER this is based in the year 2046 thats why she could recover so quickly and proves anonymouses hypothesis possible. Also I had a friend who had a beautiful face then got into a accident and got his faced seriously messed up afterwards he went crazy. It happens to lots of people.

        • Seven says:

          “they are already making nano machnes and they can repair cells at the rate of a snail moving 1cm HOWEVER this is based in the year 2046 thats why she could recover so quickly and proves anonymouses hypothesis possible.”

          So in other words, like I said, there are plot holes and they fill them with excuses like this.

          “Also I had a friend who had a beautiful face then got into a accident and got his faced seriously messed up afterwards he went crazy. It happens to lots of people.”

          I’m not sure how that relates to anything – somehow you and the commenter prior got the impression that by me saying Taku’s face looks reminiscent of a drug abuser, that’s a plot hole. You could say whatever you want about people going crazy, it’s still unclear what point you’re trying to prove as no one made a case against it to begin with.

          • Anonymous says:

            “Sure, the idiotic methods of going about the plot within Accel World work, they’re merely entirely preposterous and degrade the story.”
            Hm I guess I was too caught up on emphasizing that the plot elements “worked”. I guess what you think of them, whether they’re ridiculous or okay is just one man’s opinion over another. I don’t want to sit here and shout I’m right and you’re wrong haha, so agreeing to disagree is fine for me.

            I do share your opinions on random things popping up = bad writing. Although I don’t considered the full physical burst incident as plot-random as you do because it makes sense within the world/setting. For example in a fantasy setting with say, time stop magic, is it so improbable that a stronger mage has an even stronger time manipulation magic? Well the spontaneous reveal of the ability during a convenient time is questionable. Maybe it would have been better if the ability was eluded to before making use of it.

            Oh yeah, to clarify my point on the whole Taku business, I thought you believed his reasons for being all crazy were overblown/unjustified, so I was trying to explain it/put it into context. Although I did end up with an opinion in my statements, sorry about that.

            • Seven says:

              “Maybe it would have been better if the ability was eluded to before making use of it.”

              Too bad it wasn’t.

              The one who is unjustified in their actions is the pig as I describe in the review – Taku’s perspective is understandable for the most part, whereas the pig’s usage of lines like “your a dumbass!” to support his actions over another is ineffective. How anyone could have even thought that a good idea when writing the story is ridiculous.

  • avatar subby says:

    I’m fine with a subpar anime, but that dialogue was painful. I do like the character designs and art, but that writing isn’t helping at all.

    Every emotion someone feels has to be thoroughly and repeatedly spoken out, whether to someone or in their head.

  • Anonymous says:

    Its fun to watch and thats all that matters to me ;)

  • railgun says:

    all this dialogue in accel world made me facepalm. i thought the overdramatization of touma’s speeches in the index adaptation was bad, but man, this definitely takes the cake.

    taku’s and kuroyukihime’s seiyuu were horrible. i was cringing throughout the episode. taku’s seiyuu, especially. kuroyukihime’s seiyuu didn’t do justice to her supposedly impactful speech when she was flying with haruyuki. at all. and taku’s seiyuu was just plain bad.

    and yes, i’ve read the novels and the manga. the only entertainment i get from this series recently is whenever Tin Writer (one of the duel avatars who watch haru’s matches, the one with glasses) speaks, because the idea of the author regularly acting as a seiyuu in his own anime is pretty entertaining.

    • Seven says:

      Well said – I didn’t even notice the lacking voice acting since there’s simply so many other flaws. At this point, the series isn’t even “flawed” in the sense that there’s only a few negatives to it – rather, it just sucks entirely to begin with.

      • tsukune says:

        Can I ask a question seven? Has there ever been a anime thats perfect in every single aspect.

        • Seven says:

          Anyone is free to like whatever they want – although if an anime has issues, only the anime can get rid of them. Lowering the standards isn’t a viable method.

          • tsukune says:

            Sometimes a anime can’t do anything to make it better because then the people with OCDs just say this doesn’t make sense, there are a s***ton of plot holes or that ending sucks. However thats because the people who make the anime are running out of inspiration because somethings been done hundreds of times over and its the only thing people like OR they don’t have the time, money or etc. Don’t shoot down an anime if it has issues, tell the creators themselves the ideas which could help the anime not just say it in a forum where they may not find what’s wrong.

            • Seven says:

              Well you avoided my response to your own question and I’m not sure what point you’re trying to prove since your information isn’t relevant to anything mentioned.

              • tsukune says:

                I said that “sometimes a anime can’t do anything to make it better” in response to “if an anime has issues, only a anime can get rid of them” and “lowering the standards isn’t a viable method.” with “the people who make the anime are unning out of inspiration” so I did ansswer your response but indirectly.

              • Seven says:

                Thanks for clarifying – in that case, do you not think that the anime is a poor concept to begin with?

                “the people who make the anime are unning out of inspiration”

                Rather, a subset of people who make anime are running out of inspiration – there’s plenty of inspired and driven minds, Nisio Isin is a fantastic example. If someone ran out of ideas, they’ve run their course. That’s their problem – that’s not an excuse for why one should regard a below standard animation as if it were not so.

  • skylion says:

    I’ve been willing to ‘buy in’ to a lot of exposition so far, mostly because they have kept up a decent pace in other department. I enjoy the design, both character and background. I enjoy the basis of the characters, and can even take some of the derp (people act derpy, so ca anime characters…I know, right?). What I cannot take is piss poor pacing, uneven exposition, and lacking character development.

    This episode checked off most of my “this sucks” boxes. The biggest one?

    “My real name is….”

    No. Just No. Drop the name, then hang us off the cliff.

  • Anonymous says:

    I found this incredibly hilarious…. Even though I like Accel World, this post made my day, rofl. Thanks Seven.

    • Seven says:

      Nice to see you enjoyed it – I’m of course being overly harsh in some respects, although the ridiculous aspects of the series are blatant.

      • Anonymous says:

        That they are. Hopefully they improve though, I’d hate for this anime to become complete garbage, though, it’s one of the only half decent things I have to watch these days.

        • Seven says:

          Have you been checking out some other stuff of the season?

          I’m not sure of your tastes – although in general, there are quite a few grand titles. Even some which should appeal to everyone in a more light hearted sense, such as Shirokuma Cafe.

          • Anonymous says:

            Well, the site I check anime out at is really cluttered and I can’t really find my way around too well. I’m pretty much only watching two ongoing series right now and I finished Mirai Nikki recently. I’ll watch anything that has a decent enough plot that it’ll keep me hooked. I can’t say I’ve seen Shirokuma Cafe though.

          • reydel says:

            Hm, not sure why my comments weren’t showing up, so I just made an account. I’m only really watching 3 animes this season, I haven’t exactly been looking around though, I did end up watching an older anime that I fell in love with recently which was Mirai Nikki. I’m also not to picky with anime, so long as they have a half decent plot-line and such, so I’ll probably look up Shirokuma Cafe later.

            • Seven says:

              Sorry about the delay, each comment takes a while to pop up for Anons and first-time users.

              If you’re open to hearing of some series I personally find great – I can conjure up a list for you. Though I can say now, if you liked Mirai Nikki – I’m certain Higurashi will be in your tastes.

  • reydel says:

    And clearly, against all logic, my comment shows up after I go through the trouble of making an account and typing in a new comment making me further look like a dumb- let’s stop there. Well enough with the spam.

  • reydel says:

    Ah Higurashi<3 and I'd love if you could give me a list.

    • Seven says:

      Let’s see, going through several of the ongoing titles as they come to mind –

      Fate/Zero is completely amazing if you enjoy action and intense plot – it’s from the extensive Fate series, but being a prequel, you can really enjoy it without any previous knowledge in the series.

      Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Of The Dead is a second season for a similarly titled anime, and while watching the first season would be useful, the second season works by itself. It’s a series full of gags and tropes, but it recognizes and ridicules them simultaneously, so it is brilliant in some respects.

      Haiyore! Nyaruko is absolutely hilarious and immensely cute – if you like moe, or are familiar with Lovecraft literature, this is it.

      Since you like Accel World to some degree, you’re sure to love Sankarea since it also is a love story, albeit far, far superior – with actually wonderful plot, and some decent humor.

      Hyouka will be grand if you enjoy “slice of life” series – no intense action, but interesting conversations and daily activities from characters.

      Sakamichi no Apollon is also a slice of life, yet a far more serious one in tone – there’s some romance in this as well.

      Aside from these, there’s bound to be a slew of older stuff you’ll love – though it’s hard to just list them out, I’ll have to make some more considerations.

      • Seven says:

        There was one from the previous season I knew I must share, though nearly forgot:

        Nisemonogatari – this is a definite must-watch and it would be a rarity not to admire it.

      • reydel says:

        Ah, we seem to have similar tastes, I’m currently watching Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san and Sankarea, and I agree, Sankarea completely beats Accel World. As for the Slice of life, I have no problem with them. I do prefer action/comedies and such, but they work if they can keep my attention.. Stuff like Clannad and Lucky Star was nice. I also liked The World God Only Knows, although I believe that falls more into the fantasy category. Bake/Nisemonogatari too, although Nise was a little disappointing. Also sorry for spamming comments which should be in a discussion session, as you said I’m new here, and I don’t really know the rules or anything

        • Seven says:

          Ah, you were disappointed a bit in Nisemono – I’ve heard similar before, though it can’t be helped.

          It’s a bit upsetting I a few of my suggestions weren’t anything new to you, though great to see that indeed, we share interests.

          Also, your comments aren’t spam at all. Not sure how other sites work since I actually don’t visit many – though at SeventhStyle, this is considered on-topic discussion. A chat about Accel World diverged to other anime recommendations.

          Spam here would be something like we suddenly started talking about Pythagorean Theorem.

          • Seven says:

            I just noticed we started off the comments the same…

            • reydel says:

              So we did… Also, gross, math. Ah, that’s a relief, the whole not spam thing I mean. at any rate, Nise only bugged me because it didn’t feel as… Fulfilling(for lack of a better word) as Bake. Also, it’s great indeed to share interests, so I see no reason why it should be upsetting if it’s out of your control. Let’s see, I’ve been watching more older/complete series of anime due to the fact that I only started watching anime again recently, since I was in a circumstance similar to the one I am now. So if there’s any decent 2008~2011 anime that can come to mind, feel free to share them. I’d greatly appreciate it.

              • Seven says:

                “Upsetting” wasn’t the most appropriate term, more like a bit of a disappointment – was hoping to awaken some sort of revolutionary anime experience in you.

                In any case, here’s some anime I loved and watched during that period you mentioned:

                Natsu no Arashi
                Ergo Proxy
                Aria The Animation + sequels (my favorite anime of all-time)
                Hidamari Sketch
                GA – Geijutsuka Art Design Class (I watched this many times over)

                Surely, you should end up loving a few of those, if not all – though I always have more in mind.

  • Seven says:

    Tossing out a few more recent worthwhile titles:

    Thermae Romae
    Ika Musume
    Black Rock Shooter
    Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
    The iDOLM@STER
    Yuru Yuri

    Feel free to ask about any if you find interest in them.

    • reydel says:

      Ah Black Rock Shooter, I ordered the Game with the PSP and Figma a few days ago from Japan, now to play the waiting game. As for the rest I’ve never really heard of any of those.

  • reydel says:

    Ahh, I’ve actually heard of a few of those, I’ve never watched them though. I’ve been told to watch Aria and Claymore before, so I might look into those, thanks a ton.

    • Seven says:

      Make sure when looking for Aria, you specifically check out “Aria The Animation”, a transcendental masterpiece – and not “Hidan no Aria”, some remedial garbage only good for tsundere service. It’s frequent the two are confused.

      Also let me know how it all goes if you don’t mind – you can always chat about anything in the Cbox, the bottom right corner button when logged in.

      • reydel says:

        Ah, I’ll be sure to let you know. I’ll probably watch Aria just to let you know, the artwork and the description on the wiki caught my attention. Also that cbox… It seems sort of dead. Although I’m not really paying attention to it.

        • reydel says:

          And woah, I sound redundant. I’ve got to watch what I say, oh well.

        • Seven says:

          “It seems sort of dead.”

          Well, I don’t want to tell you one way or the other – when you’re ready to use it, you’ll figure out how it works. There’s generally high-times and low-times of activity.

          • reydel says:

            Ah, I understand. I’ll just leave it up when I watch anime and check on it every once in a while. Thanks again, Seven. Time to drown in anime.

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