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At the sight of C3′s classy fifth Blu-ray volume cover, it would seem that the series finally decided to put an end to its illicit ways and focus on elegance over erotics – or so one would think till noticing what the heroine holds.

Initially upon turning one’s attention towards this artwork, one will believe themselves to be met with a display of cultivated beauty – the series’ cute heroine stands in her summer dress, a modest choice of fashion, portrayed with a lovely light palette of colors fitting of the season, and superb with the atmosphere. She exhibits some delicate movements – and even has an innocent smile to top it all. Indeed, first glancing at this art piece, one could deem it an act of redemption over C3′s previous showings – and perhaps even a spectacular spectacle in itself.

Yet after the image settles under the eyes for a while, one notices that her dress seems to be lifted a little too much – and in hand, she proudly shows-off her striped white and blue pantsu. That facet alone sends this into a complete reversal – there’s no sophistication to be found here at all, merely provocative suggestion on par with a typical tramp.

However, the artwork has the audacity to go further in salacity than simply a shameless boasting of absent underwear – examining the image a bit more closely, one will become aware that the dress our Fear-In-Cube fashions here is translucent, she’s not wearing anything at all under neath this faintly white, and only partially opaque dress.

One needn’t feel that all hope is lost however – it already was all gone long ago.


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