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What was once a trilogy is now something a little more as the fourth episode of Haiyore! Nyaruko has been converted masterfully into a format of writing which it originated from to begin with – a Lovecraft story.

A quote from Nisemonogatari comes to mind here – an imposter may very well be superior to the real thing, and indeed, it seems that could be the case here as even fans of Lovecraft are admitting “It’s not pure Lovecraft, it’s actually better.” Regardless if one feels the same or not, the epic embedded within this ongoing tale, of which the latest is available below, is undeniable – and spectacularly enough, the fashion of writing can provide two, if not three separate realms of enjoyment.

One exists for those who haven’t experienced anything but this, another for those watching the anime and subsequently reading this literary achievement, as most of us are, and then a final for those seasoned Lovecraft fans who have seen it all.

This anthology is taking scenes which play out within the anime to various cute faces, ecstatic flat chested female characters, and suggestive homo and heterosexual material, then turning them into portions of an unfathomably awe-striking expository work. To watch an episode of Haiyore! Nyaruko, then to come back and read the same incident from a unique and dead serious perspective as this is wildly amusing.

It wasn’t anticipated, although there’s now actually another reason to feel eager for each upcoming episode of Haiyore! Nyaruko aside from the rampant lolis and yuri.


  • skylion says:

    It looks like the writer or writers are taking an honest stab at Lovecraft’s style, it’s just that no one can do that. No one can, with deliberate ease, choose words and phrasings that create such dissonance within the reader. For many, this is HPL’s genius; the text he creates disturbs. For others, like myself, we say, Dude, ease back a touch.

    The story above these comments are designed to parody in such a way as to not be one at all. Lovecraft just like screwing with people, cause he thought he was smarter than anyone else.

    • Seven says:

      That’s pretty ironic – a parody of no such intent.

      In the case of Lovecraft, it sounds like trolling.

      • skylion says:

        I don’t know if I’ve stated it here or not, but I’ll give it a whirl.

        HP loved and insisted on using archaic terms and narrative meter used by his influences influences; meaning he wrote more in a late 1800 vernacular and style than the style his contemporaries used in the pulps of the time, which was pushing modernity for it’s time.

        He wrote in first person, with unreliable narrators. These storytellers rambled on in a diary style. This is where his troll hits the roll. In three stories these narrators would describe assailants of all hue, cry, and horror coming for them; in acute detail…in real time. They were typing or writing in a journal. Nice to know they wanted future generations to bear witness. Me, I would run like me arse was on fire.

        He collected what few antiques and rare books his meager income would allow. He lived in perpetual fear of the aunts he shared a home with for most of his adult life. He abhorred sexual contact, going so far as to annul his marriage on account of it. His perambulations in verse would often leak into his speaking voice, to the consternation of most of his neighbors. He was rarely gainfully employed.

        IOW, an otaku NEET in the 1920′s in Providence, Rhode Island.

        Much debate is given over to him being a “man of his time”. A polite way of saying he was a racist of all stripes. The hybrid creatures of Innsmouth have been interpreted as his take on racial miscegenation. So much debate is given this that one factor is usually left out. He was a deep culturalist as well. If it weren’t Anglo-Saxon, well it was pitiable or derelict or…you get the idea.

        So…his take on Haiyore. He would have hated it. But then, he always wanted to pass the Mythos on to other writers and did often marvel at the stuff his friend, August Derleth did with it. So, he made it public, he can hardly complain.

        • Seven says:

          That’s quite some interesting history – of course, colorful experiences make one similarly more so vivacious in their artistic works, whether for better or worse.

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