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Today is the birthday of Durarara’s mischievous no good male semi-antagonist character with two cute imoutos, Orihara Izaya – and to celebrate, the official site has released an image to appease the fujoshis.

It seems there’s no better way for a male to celebrate his birthday than to dress up in some exuberantly stylized militia ensemble components and stand confidently with a respectable smile, arm on knee elevated high, to a bright pink backdrop with patterns of stipples, lines, and stars – indeed, there’s surely no better way for a male to commemorate his birthday than this.


  • Anonymous says:

    Izaya (+Eng VA)= One of the reasons Durarara can be considered good (Anri, Mika, Seiji, Saki and Mikado don’t count but they’re there for us/me to hate/like?).

  • liamash3 says:

    this doesn’t suit Izaya so much, it hurts. The guy’s an evil bastard who tends to look cool…and he’s smart and rich, to boot. Lucky…

  • frost says:


  • Dusk252 says:

    He looks totally ridiculous. But who cares? A guy’s who’s self-declared hobby is destroying high school girls cellphones (I just loved that scene xD) is cool no matter how he’s dressed. Happy Birthday Izaya!

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