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A manga based on a novel of the same name, “Crime and Punishment”, has gone entirely moe – the first volume had a dark cover artwork fitting of the story’s theme, yet the second volume is totally cute and adorable.

Crime and Punishment is a tale of Russian origin surrounding “the mental anguish and moral dilemmas” of an “an impoverished ex-student” who formulates and fully executes a plan to murder “an unscrupulous pawnbroker for her cash”. As one should have been able to realize, “Crime and Punishment” is a very morbid tale, and quite a renowned one at that – thus when a manga was released based off of the novel, the cover illustration done by an artist known as “Enomoto“, seen above to the left, truly seemed appropriate for sustaining the image of the literary work.

On the other hand, the cover artwork of the second volume which is set to release the ninth of this month of May, placed to the right above, was illustrated by the same artist responsible for the art of Ore no Imouto’s light novels, Kanzaki Hiro – and indeed, one will have no trouble noticing a familiarity there.

This story of iniquity and homicide has become one of cute flat chested animal-eared girls – and getting straight to it, the transition from the first to the second volumes of this manga goes from dead serious, to utilizing half of the currently trending anime girl fetishes, or so does the cover imply.

While the face of the first volume gives one something of a solid idea as to what they’re about to read – the second volume suggests a whole different world, looking like some sort of imouto incest harem comedy, only being short of “typical” due to the inclusion of kemonomimi.

Indeed, this latest cover artwork looks delectable – yet it isn’t exactly the most proper of possible choices.


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