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Comparing Hyouka’s Strange Characters

May 1, 2012 @ 5:35 CST

Everyone desperate to arbitrarily compare the height of Hyouka characters can now do so with a convenient chart made just for such purposes – yet more of interest is the sight of every character lined up.

While comparing the height of anime characters in relation to one another is always great (if you have nothing better to do), it’s actually more so thrilling (legitimately) to see every character of a series, this one specifically, aligned in a panorama. Up to the end of Hyouka’s latest episode, four individuals have been revealed to us – however this chart contains five times that amount of cast members, and considering that aspect, the mind starts spinning with speculation, how will our Classics Club eventually become acquainted with this many people?

Or asking a different question, how will our hero who once kept to himself come to interact with such a sizable pack?

While we like to think she acts peculiar, here one can’t help but feel just like the series’ moeblob heroine Chitanda when she comes across a mystery. The Hyouka cast is so diverse, and it’s not exactly easy to imagine how these characters relate to one another – thus the desire to know is overwhelming. There are a few characters however who one can insinuate to be connected in a certain way – and likely, won’t end up very far off at all.

Exemplifying these obvious relations best is the blue shirted fellow next to our protagonist Oreki – the two look so similar, it’d not be far-fetched to say that perhaps they’re brothers. After all, Kyoto Animation definitely does not recycle faces like a certain other animation studio.

Funnily enough, this slice of life is more suspenseful than most action series.


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