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Those who pre-order Queen Blade Rebellion’s first Blu-ray volume from select otaku friendly shops will find themselves receiving a splendid reward – one of many several artworks of the series’ overly developed females.

Incidentally, many of these artworks are superior to the anime series in how the females are portrayed. The anime is truly too overly blatant in its display of venus – and with its characters having been designed specifically for such, they’re honestly not very attractive. And while the same generally holds true with these images as well – the difference lies in that here, the girls are showcased with lovely artistic implications.

The excess ero-provocative aspects remain of course.


  • tsukune says:

    If this goes any further Queen’s Blade Rebellion could be classified as a hentai.

    • Seven says:

      The series has always been on this edge – the only thing keeping it from becoming a hentai is the absence of intercourse.

  • tsukune says:

    I acctually had a friend who would nose bleed when he saw something perverted. sadly though he died from excessive blood lose before he was found in a deep dark room underneath a house. Found out one thing though… He was in one hell of a sex party to of lost that much blood. I mean… The whole room had blood on the floor even more than I have ever seen him leak from his nose EVER!

  • Anonymous says:

    where can you watch QB Rebellion UNEDITED???

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