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Production IG has been caught blatantly using the technique known as “copy and paste” – a mizugi artwork illustration has two characters, but only one face, it seems IG can’t even finish a single artwork any more.

Taking a look at the “artwork” above, if one can even call it such, there’s a pair of two generic bishoujo bodies with no individualistic or defining traits to them with faces plastered over – as if that’s not bad enough as is, the visages are one and the same. Shining Hearts’ character designs were originally manufactured by a master of the arts, Tony Taka – and Tony Taka lent his skill for the characters of the anime as well, although it looks that after he laid out the blueprints for Production IG, they decided to take it themselves from there…

It’s almost baffling with disbelief at how this can be – how did the studio which once made a legendary anime series, Ghost in The Shell, now be incapable of even outputting one solid illustration. There’s no excuse for this whatsoever as quality control should have captured the conspicuous lack of proper appearance here – and overlooking the copy and paste, this image is still horrid in appearance.

The face of the girl to left looks disproportionate to the remainder of her figure, which is no surprise considering where it came from – and again, the physiques of these two look incredibly banal. There’s a sever lack of proper shadow work, their forms are both as original as one would expect from a “How to Draw…?” book, and it’s so ridiculously obvious that whatever “artist” Production IG put in charge of this scrap image, he hoped that by emphasizing the basic female components, no one would notice that the image is garbage.

This degree of failure isn’t even worth pity – Tony Taka is likely having nightmares from this sight of desecration.


  • Sentum says:

    No matter how I look at this it looks poor, it’s not fanart so it has to be better than this.

    • Seven says:

      If you check Pixiv, there’s plenty of Shining Hearts artwork that stomps all over this.

  • frost says:

    So sad at this T__T

  • lurrdoc says:

    I’ve lost faith in Production I.G. a looooong time ago. Only thing they did right recently off the top of my head was Kimi ni Todoke.

  • avatar subby says:

    It’s also interesting how Production I.G. animate western stuff, like the Mass Effect anime among others, and get talked up on gaming sites as “legendary” and first in the industry. Maybe they’re unaware of better studios that are putting out quality anime these days, and can’t name much other than GitS under I.G.’s name.

    • Seven says:

      Yes, that’s exactly it.

      Production IG, over the years, has mostly sold themselves to doing short CGI cutscenes for games – and anyone who recognizes them as a “skilled” studio is simply looking at their most notable title, Ghost in The Shell, a release made many years ago, or as you’ve stated, are unaware of the vastly superior competitors.

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