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Kore wa Zombie OTD’s latest episode is much like any other in the series, so ridiculously idiotic that it is purely brilliant and admittedly innovative to some degree – a trip to a cosplay cafe holds much to see.

Never can one watch an episode of Kore wa Zombie and actually have hopes for something spectacular in the sense of heart-racing action, thrills, or intense story – yet this series definitely delivers its own definition of astounding which is difficult not to admire.

A fit of hysterical laughter will have no trouble erupting at the sight of this episode’s start – our protagonist seemingly has a fetish for self-assembled PVC mech figures, and that alone leaves us amused to some extent, although Kore wa Zombie can definitely do better than that when it comes to comedy. The bustiest member of our hero’s harem, Sera, comes to intrude on his hobbies – ridiculing him just as any who don’t understand the splendor of PVC figurines would, yet then the annoying loli Haruna arrives as well, and the situation becomes applause worthy.

Haruna clearly has quite an infatuation for these “toys” much like our hero. Unlike our leading male however, she’s even more a gigantic otaku than himself – and being the childish, immature loli she is, she views the mecha figures as playthings, adorably waving them around whilst speaking of some suspiciously familiar “Armslaves” and some guy named “Sousuke”, both of which are Full Metal Panic references for those pitiable individuals unfamiliar with the series.

Sagara-kun unfortunately suffers a horrible death by the hands of the idiot loli as her stupidity ends up snapping the PVC mech into many pieces – leaving both her and our protagonist devastated.

Quite entertaining an opening segment, although this episode revolves not around giant robots or plastic crafts, our protagonist’s best of friends invites him along to a cosplay cafe – introducing our main character to a subset of culture he’s never seen before, even though he himself crossdresses in mahou shoujo outfits every now and then. As the two enter the cafe, one won’t be sure what to look forward to – yet as they walk past a row of cute yet typical maids and stop in front of a face all too familiar, it becomes clear that something absurdly wonderful is to occur.

Ayumu’s friend has led him to deeper portion of the cafe – a side which is apparently reserved for masochists as is implied by all the sharp tongued maids now surrounding our protagonist and his comrade. And incidentally, these maids are conveniently spearheaded by the sadistic creep of a female who admitted her fetishistic love for our protagonist several episodes ago.

Assorted skits of humor subsequently follow, each tossing in various out of place characters such as Sera and Tomonori – and those two, alongside the fetishistic one fitted in red, get into a slight debate with our protagonist and friend.

These three females are all “vampire ninjas”, and it seems that “vampire ninjas” aren’t too capable when it comes to serving as maids – at least not if one wants it done properly. Tomonori in fact isn’t even wearing a maid uniform – and eventually, the situation becomes vampire ninja bishoujos versus Ayumu and side-character friend in a team competition of tsundere.

This contest is one where the vampire ninjas act “tsun tsun”, hostile and aggressive – then our protagonist and his side-character proponent are challenged with the task of turning those tsuns into deres, or basically, they must bring out their adorable side. The sadist femdom female orchestrates the event – and while Ayumu isn’t too engaged with the struggle whilst up against Tomonori, who is easily defeated, he progressively, yet rather quickly, finds himself determined to turn every tsun into a dere like some sort of pervert.

Haruna appears from nowhere, even though not a vampire ninja, and despite being confident in her tsun skills – she’s effortlessly taken down into dere mode once she sees Ayumu interacting with Tomonori and becomes jealous. Sera then follows as the third tsun contender – and one would have truly thought Ayumu would be out of the game here. His friend is kicked to a masochistic heaven, leaving Ayumu alone with a girl he already knows is akin to an impenetrable wall when it comes to emotions – yet gloriously does this protagonist of ours succeed.

He makes an order from the menu, but specifically requests it to be conjured up by the unskilled hands of Sera who know nothing of cuisine. As his plate arrives, it looks to be electro-charged with death particles – seeing as he’s already dead however, he devours it monstrously, and even goes so far as to ask for seconds whilst groaning in agonizing pain, beautifully bringing out the dere in this tsundere.

Praiseworthy efforts all around, yet far from over, the lovely necromancer imouto character comes forth – and for a moment, one starts to think if she may very well be the “final boss” of sorts as it is incomprehensible how this showdown can transpire any further. The necroimouto never expresses any of her feelings whatsoever – so our protagonist isn’t too sure what to do either.

All goes in favor of the home team however, the imouto randomly writes out a note of forfeit, making him the instant victor – and then Ayumu is confronted by a female who proves to be the true final boss.

Coming down, complete with twintails, the ultimate tsundere – the female classmate of Ayumu who is seen always making some sort of snarky or negative remark whilst at school. Faced against her, Ayumu begins to sweat feverishly – he realizes immediately that her level of tsun isn’t something so easily beaten. Feeling crushed under the pressure, he becomes about to give in – yet suddenly, his friend springs back to life, a fellow who was still contender in the match after all.

One is sure to spontaneously gain a tremendously profound respect for this formerly overlooked side-character as he executes one of the greatest acts of heroism ever seen, and makes use of a formidable weapon against any tsundere – a love confession, vehemently yelling out his unwavering romantic lusts for her, and with this, our hero and his companion are victorious, “the companion” being Ayumu.

Having defeated all tsunderes, our protaginst returns home to see that the self-proclaimed “genius” loli Haruna has purchased a replacement mech to account for the one which she destroyed like a spoiled child. Her reason for working at the maid cafe was to get Ayumu this “gift” – and admittedly, it’s certainly a kind gesture, although she’s bought an atrocity nowhere near what he originally had. However, that’s just life for our hard-lucked zombie protagonist – and undoubtedly do more depressing adventures await him.

There’s a significant detail about this episode – and quite unique a facet indeed, it’s actually important only as it is entirely absent. There’s not even a single scene of the gorgeous bishoujo sadist vampire who has been making repeat appearances up till now. This spectacle of maid cafe madness was all around commendable in comedy, originality, cuteness, and more – yet if one actually contemplates the flow of the series overall, this may have simply been “the calm before the storm”.

Our bishoujo sadist disappeared, and it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that is as we’re being prepared for her grand debut – a sight which is sure to bring all sorts of brutal violence, as well as some enticing oppai jiggling, both of which are key traits of her character.

Shocking as it is, Kore wa Zombie’s second season has been proving to be quite a respectable watch as it utilizes a full cookbook of tropes – all homemade with hand-picked ingredients and other novel additions which ultimately make for a rather deliciously fresh taste.


  • The thing that most saddened me in the first season was that neither of the important plot points (the serial killer, Hellscythe’s last “zombie”) were never developed, neither our main character zombie status (How would he handle having a killer situation in front of everyone?).
    And now I’m seeing this. No wonder I haven’t got the mood to start watching “Of the Dead”.

    • Seven says:

      True, the plot was entirely abandoned – at least in the second season however, the series doesn’t even try to have a serious one.

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