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Fate/Zero Episode 17 Pre-Release Images

Apr 25, 2012 @ 13:17 CDT

Pre-release imagery is out for the soon coming 17th spectacle of Fate/Zero, joyous rage of tsundere admiration ensuing at the sight of a loli Tohsaka Rin – “eager” being insufficient to describe the mood.

Tohsaka Rin is apparently going to make her second appearance in Fate/Zero within this latest upcoming episode – and aside from being anxious to see the moe of a still-growing tsundere, one also must wonder why she shows up in the series to begin with. We of course love any second of her we can see, however she’d not be there without a reason – and this isn’t exactly the most family friendly series out there, in more ways than one.

Focusing on the other characters, Kirei looks satisfied with something unspecified for the most part – he usually bears a solid expression of indifference, so similarly to the matter of Tohsaka Rin, curiosity stems here as well as this sight is certainly unusual. One can notice Gilgamesh is present beside Kirei – the two likely discussing something within the same room. And although Kirei does look to be in higher spirits than usual, do make note of the final image in this set – a perfectly executed facepalm, implications unknown.

Tokiyomi can be seen, however there’s not enough detail within the image to truly make out anything meaningful – and thus moving along to Irisviel, it seems she’s not doing particularly well at all. Her fate isn’t very difficult to guess considering its even shown on an official artwork of the series, yet Irisviel isn’t going to make it out of Fate/Zero alive – and this episode may be the start of her demise, assuming she’s not already been on that path.

We should all be able to agree, Fate/Zero is going to continually surpass itself till it reaches the end.


  • At last, one of Fate/Zero’s most anticipated moments is near upon us.

  • Hawkward says:

    Dat facepalm >_>
    At the end of episode 16, I remember Rin’s voice, I can’t remember what she said but I think it was either “I’m back”, or “I’m going”. Noting her previous feature, she brought light to Caster’s plot, and she was rescued by Kariya. It may very well be that things are planned, or happen in coincidence.

    Kirei > Kariya > Rin > Tokiomi

    This is purely hypothetical, but with the last encounter with Kirei letting Kariya live, I’m sure that he won’t just let him go without keeping tabs on him. Also note we’ve still to see a climatic worth event for Kariya (yeah, seeing him burn wasn’t that epic >_>), despite losing badly against Tokiomi, he still has a score he’d want to settle.

    Lastly, Irisviel with be the Kiritsugu change factor, in some way I feel that her existence, as portrayed in both the OP, and some artwork, will prove to be significant to a certain extent, ending obviously in her death.

  • Dusk252 says:

    Answering your question, Rin is there to piss Kirei off in the epilogue. Anyway, she obviously has to be in the story since this is a prequel to Fate/Stay Night. (But I truly loved her in the epilogue anyway.)

    Ahh, now this won’t have any dull moments to the very end. The despair started rising last episode to never drop again. I can’t wait!

    • Hawkward says:

      Argh… good point! In Fate/Stay Night, I forgot Rin had some form of relation to Kirei. Can’t wait to see happens between them in F/Z (lolol this could so be taken out of context), else that’ll be a huge gap in the works for connecting the two series (not an innuendo, I swear).

      • Dusk252 says:

        Well, don’t worry, there is no such gap. It’s all is pretty well explained. (Assuming they keep up the faithfulness they’ve shown towards the novels, that is – but I can’t imagine them not doing so.)

        • Seven says:

          I heard something about a prologue and Fate/Stay Night.

          As much as I like the .fates/Zeros, I don’t like the wait.

          • Anonymous says:

            DUnno what you mean by prologue, but there really isn’t much to explain about Kirei’s relationship with Rin. Kirei becomes her legal guardian after the war (and succeeds Risei as the supervisor) much to Rin’s chagrin. He also spends the following ten years bugging her just for kicks.

            • Seven says:

              “He also spends the following ten years bugging her just for kicks.”

              That sounds hilarious.

              About the prologue, I don’t know either – I was just reading up on some forums where this article’s been linked, and one of them mentioned that the scene with Rin is some sort of prologue seen in Fate/Stay Night. Perhaps they were referencing the visual novels?

              • Dusk252 says:

                Well, there’s more to it regarding Rin’s background than just Kirei being her guardian. There’s… *thinks of four things she probably should say* …yeah, you’ll see.

                Of course the visual novels are more complete but I guess that stuff is all perceptible in the anime (won’t put my hand on the fire for it though, since I’m still reading the VN while I watched the anime two years ago).

              • Dusk252 says:

                ^I meant “shouldn’t”, not “should”.

  • avatar subby says:

    ^ Like yourself I’m still reading the VN, UBW route to be precise.

    Progress gets slow when you have to go through the same events with minor differences, and your memories of the past route gets muddled with the present so you have no idea what’s what anymore…ugh.

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