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Majikoi’s final Blu-ray volume features uncensored yuri interactions, the front cover of the disk package even showing off a heroine and friend touching one another – yet the BD contains more than yuri as well.

This sixth and last Blu-ray release of Majikoi gives the eyes much to gawk at before even watching the Blu-ray. The case illustration is one of sensual female on female fondling – giving any who glance upon it a solid idea of what this product entitles. A facet simply troubling not to mention after seeing this art piece is that the red pantsu one on the left looks to be the one more in charge of this yuri relationship.

Moving beyond the cover artwork, the set includes an expansive fabric poster with three notable girls of the series – entirely raw and undressed, diverse enough to meet most preferences one can have. Of the three, the redhead is most appealing as she sports a cute smile, looking more lively than her two companions – and she has a flat chest quite appealing as well.

Nothing is held back whatsoever in terms of female fanfare from the outer display and accessories of this Blu-ray, to the actual inner contents contained on disk. All the ridiculous censorship has been erased – allowing perverts to be able to enjoy the series portrayed in a fashion just that much more kinkier than it already was. Majikoi didn’t simply eradicate censorship however, there were also scenes that had nothing to censor which now contain bare oppai – a detail most prominent in the end sequence.

Quite a treat for those fans of the series, or others inclined towards the excessively salacious.


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