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Aquarion EVOL – Mizugi & Mech Action

Apr 24, 2012 @ 4:17 CDT

Aquarion EVOL’s latest affair eases off the seriousness seen previously to rotate back to a circus standard – however, this masquerade of mizugis and mechs definitely has some deeper meaning behind the gags.

It first begins as our mopey protagonist does what he does best – sit around and feel sorry for himself, perhaps due to his lack of significant appearances despite his status of main character. No matter, the adorably short girl of green hair who confessed her love to him last episode passes by him – feeling the awkwardness of the encounter. However, Amata speaks up, wanting to tell her that he can’t accept her feelings. What ends up happening instead however is that Mikono appears from nowhere and begins jumping to all sorts of assumptions.

Nothing out of the ordinary there – the episode continues along to the next training mission our Elements will have to overcome, a task consisting of several objective, all of which the ever-interesting High Commander Fudo describes as super ultra top secret. However they are at least given a packet of vital information – the lofty loli chairwoman passes around booklets which look to have been made by herself as they appear childish and colored with crayons.

No one knows anything as everything is above top secret – although nonetheless, our Elements find themselves riding the skies towards some uncharted location with a sizable crate of bananas they were warned against eating by Fudo’s loli companion. Arriving at the location, a place beside a lake, they’re told to do whatever to pass time – and so mizugis are brought out, making for the usual bishoujo body boasting, although proving relatively more whimsical in nature considering this is Aquarion EVOL.

Our main man and his hole loving comrade longingly watch their beloved females from afar – and there, the hole digger Andy decides he needs to express his true feelings, as if they’re not already obvious to us, himself, his prospective lover, and his peers. He manages to get Mix alone to speak with her – intending to tell her only his purest emotions, however his tongue becomes tangled when he talks, and he ends up saying something misunderstood as inappropriate and perverse instead.

Quite a shame indeed – although the turnout isn’t anything to be worried about.

The lakeside venue begins erupting into an unusual blizzard – and like almost every episode, an “Abductor” mech comes to stir up the mandatory amount of mech fighting. While the hard metal invader gets intimately engaged with Aquarion, a generic sight for this series, Andy begins allowing himself to sink into the ground endlessly – something which turns out to have been part of Fudo’s scheme all along, and then a milky white fluid starts to shoot from the ground, conveniently flooding Aquarion with bananas and other Elements.

Apparently, the liquid made a mini hot spring inside Aquarion – allowing for the “mixed bath union” which Aquarion uses to save the day, as it does every episode, and then Fudo explains everything through all sorts of symbolism as if it weren’t all total nonsense. Speaking of complete physics defying gibberish, Zessica is seen at the final moment of the episode – telling Mikono that she was rejected by Amata, although she still loves him. That’s fine and all, however she’s decided to wear a new outfit which holds her oppai as if they were basketballs.

Her original ensemble was already scantily and distracting enough – yet now she sports something which leaves us constantly contemplating as to whether or not she has any nipples. How can one sum up this episode? It’s just Aquarion EVOL.

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  • skylion says:

    Is a third or fourth cour of this show possible? Who would have ever expected bananas? The real Fruit of Fate.

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