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Silver Link’s gears are certainly operating at full epic for the third episode of Tasogare Otome X Amnesia – another character is introduced, and excessive flirting remains present, yet the finer points do suffice.

Tasogare Otome X Amnesia can be noted for its overabundance of supernatural oppai fondling and other acts of otherworldly flirting from the first episode – and well into the second, one will still view this as a turn off. And while the same still holds true for the third, the flirting being enough to push away some who may not be particularly too fond of such, it becomes clear that the flirting isn’t so much a facet of the animation itself – but rather of the series which is Tasogare Otome X Amnesia.

The skilled studio behind this anime, Silver Link, has managed to integrate our protagonist’s more sensual ghostly bishoujo interactions in a fashion that it feels natural – rather than something forced and explicit à la High School DxD. Silver Link has succeeded in doing this as those moments of intimacy between our leading pair are not limited to anything suggestive, among other reasons.

Our hero and heroine of this tale do not solely mingle on a perverse basis – and that leads to the second point in that there’s far more behind their relation than appearance, and this in fact is well exhibited within this episode. Now again, this is not to say if one doesn’t enjoy all the bishoujo emphasizing moments that one should simply get over it, or that this is a flaw of Tasogare Otome X Amnesia – rather, that’s simply a facet of the series, and if one dislikes it to the point of thinking less of said series, the series itself may simply not be for them.

A feature which should appeal to everyone however are the unmatched caliber of visuals which can hardly be encompassed in words – we’ve already praised them last episode, yet Silver Link only further surpasses themselves within this spectacle. One of the more notable aesthetic traits include heavy contrast – this applies not simply to shadow, but to every hue present. Take a look at the first image below for instance, green is resonating off the trees.

Another strength in the color palette selection is that Silver Link utilizes generally dark colors – however for character skin, they’ve taken advantage of a fairer tone. In turn, characters glow in every scene unless a reason exists otherwise – this effect propels the atmosphere, and makes the setting, which is shrouded in a dusk light, to serve several prominent details. All the while, giving more impact to those scenes where the characters find themselves covered in shadow.

The characters, who are lighter in hue, are encompassed in a literally dark environment – and this in turn gives metaphorical meaning to that literal statement. The characters are in a dark environment.

Absence of light serves to represent the unknown, the enigmatic sense that there’s more lingering than one may like to think – and it also sets the mood of the characters to one being not so much trapped, but rather, surrounded by the unknown. And as the story implies by the end of this episode, the characters are aware of the presence of the abnormal – even if not knowing what the scope of the “abnormal” specifically contains.

As for the anecdote of this installment, our protagonist is shown playing around with his spectral bishoujo friend, Yuuko, as usual – yet the series goes on to acquiant us with a “new” character. The attractive short haired bishoujo with a sharp personality makes her debut here – and the story summed up is that she was able to see Yukko, yet never thought anything of her till a certain day where she encountered a petrifying spirit.

She assumed this scary spiritual creature to be Yuuko, and thus when she spotted our protagonist playing with that very Yuuko, she valiantly took it upon herself to warn him of the dangers based on what she saw. She apparently came to conclude that Yuuko is a twisted soul – versus the sexy bishoujo our protagonist believes her to be. This newcomer then states our leading male is to become a victim of a typical “spirited away by the demon” case.

For a while, our confused protagonist believes this – and it does seem logical, particularly considering he shortly thereafter begins to see a scaly and hideous Yuuko different than the one he knew. Of course, the standard for determining if a ghostly female is a sick disgusting monster with evil intent is whether or not she’s physically attractive.

However, the outcome is one predictable in respect to Yuuko’s appearance – it turns out she looks however people choose to perceive her, something which we’ve known for a while now. Yet Tasogare Otome manages to reveal an item which however wasn’t foreseen at all, and strikes a sudden tingling desire to know more – the sensation is powerful, and it comes from the suggestion that perhaps Yuuko did not die an accident’s death as the story so goes.

A look in the basement where her skeleton remains uncovers a hidden room with some mystic remnants – consider that Yuuko wasn’t the one doing the spiriting away, rather when she was alive, someone attempted to do such to her, and that is how she died. The many ghost stories? As with any fable, as it passes through mouth and mouth, it deviates that much more – however, is it not very well possible that someone purposefully played with the story? Intentionally turning it away from what it was originally?

That doesn’t necessarily mean murder is the cause – however it does prove that someone is trying to cover up a death of a bishoujo for one or another reason, either something went freakishly wrong, or indeed, Yukko was snuffed out.

Now we’re ensnared by this series as we’ve developed an appetite for truth.

There however it does not stop, Tasogare Otome further gives us reason to look forward to more – right before the end sequence, we’re shown the lovely bishoujo who mistakenly thought Yuuko to be a fraud. She’s pondering to herself – if Yuuko is not the freightening spirit she saw, this means another must be lurking about. And indeed, the episode shows us a slight visual hint of such being the case.

While the first episode might have been weak, Tasogare Otome has been on a phenomenal streak ever since.


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