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Saki starts dipping its toes into the mahjong tournament – in other words, females of every genre of fetish begin to come forward, shy, ample chested, and the absolute fan favorite of loli, among many flavorful others.

Episode of side A finally passes the point of Saki’s conclusion in chronology – this chapter begins as the first seasons’ mahjong stars, Kiyosumi, have been victorious, and now our Achiga crew of lolis must prepare themselves so they too can reach the top. Before getting to the national level tournament of course, they must earn the spot – and Achiga’s cute girls are currently faced with a round of mahjong they must overcome if seeking to succeed.

Their opponent is their area’s long running champion, Bansei – the school which our heroine’s twintailed friend decided to drop in favor of Achiga. Making for a mild surprise, Achiga’s girls win effortlessly – it was anticipated they’d prove victorious, however not as easily as this. The episode wastes not even a minute on showing how Achiga’s moe mahjong club plowed through Bansei – securing themselves a spot in the national tournament.

Now qualifying to compete at a national distinction, they need to practice – and their pro-caliber mahjong playing college student coach informs them that they’ll be traveling and squaring off against several second ranked schools in the nation.

With great expectation, Achiga’s mahjong club of lolis and bishoujos head out for their first destination – a place incidentally turning out to be the highschool of the unforgettably dramatic mahjong team from Saki’s first season. All the players are there – each so memorable due to their peculiar physical traits, and more specifically, we’re satisfied to see the presence of the star-faced loli, as well as the adorable blonde toddler one. It seems that as a whole, this team has generally improved in disposition, morale, and respect for others after their encounter with Saki.

What hasn’t changed however is their skill in mahjong, unless it got better, as Achiga’s loli Shizuno is defeated several times over by the loli of Ryuumonbuchi. The loss is so devastating, Shizuno is left lying lifeless over the mahjong table with dead eyes – looking as if she’s an eroge character who has just been violated by tentacles. Even the college student starts worrying about this – wondering if Shizuno might end up as she did when she met a harsh loss many years ago, yet that proves not the case.

Shizuno simply springs back to life with an excess of vitality – desperately wanting to play more with her loli opponent Koromo. And with that, the others sitting around also get in the mood to play some rounds as well. The training goes well, and similarly to the match earlier for the national entry, it was far shorter a scene than predicted.

The short mahjong contentions tell us three things, episode of side A truly is all about the girls of Achiga, not even bothering to focus on prominent characters from the past season as sure enough, they’re not relevant this season. Secondly however, it’s possible this is just serving as a foreshadow – a sampling of the teams Achiga’s girls will encounter when they’re actually in the nationals. It’s doubtful to think Ryuumonbuchi won’t be there – and perhaps Bansei from earlier might have something up their sleeve.

A third, and more technical, detail one can insinuate in respect to episode of side A is that it’s attempting to fast forward to the meaningful games – those who have seen Saki’s first season should know, a more intense mahjong bout will extend several episodes.

Yet continuing along as that speculation holds no value just yet, with the positive outcome of the training, the college student coach of Achiga’s cute mahjong club has been able to determine what team our girls must be able to overthrow in order to exhibit that they’re capable of succeeding in the nationals – the club of a school called “Senriyama”.

Achiga’s moe mahjong unit head out on a getaway training camp before then leaving for Tokyo – the home of the national tournament. Near immediately upon their arrival, it is there where they come across a cute bishoujo with a weak body who ends up being the head of Senriyama’s mahjong club – making for a clear hint at something to expect in the future. Finally at the tournament venue, whilst preparing for tournament’s kick off, the Achiga girls prove lucky as Saki passes right by them.

Saki’s a frail and shy girl who has zero personality or interesting traits to mention aside from her overly exaggerated mahjong ability which is represented as some sort hell risen quality only possessable by a true fearsome monster. An example of such is seen no further than before our very eyes, everyone on Achiga begins shuddering when Saki passes – and this is obviously a scene giving us a taste of the action to come.

In season one, Saki was essentially invincible, yet she was the protagonist of that tale – something which she’s not here. One has to wonder when Saki meets our leading loli of episode of side A, Shizuno, who is it that will succeed? It’s highly doubtful this series will make either character lose significantly – rather, if anyone is going to end up facing a loss, it will be by a tiny margin.

However, we hope the one experiencing that fine lined beating is Saki – she was never particularly likable from the start, yet Achiga’s girls on the other hand have a lot about them to love, and it’s not simply the heroine’s absence of proper attire.

From the very first episode, Achiga’s girls had us captivated – and seeing as this is their story, it is they who we hope achieve an unparalleled triumph. It’ll be a while till we can see what will actually come around however – so for now, focusing on several side-notes, the lolis are immensely cute, the close-ups of Shizuno’s legs, knowing she’s not wearing anything underneath, are certainly delightful, and the college student actually has some alluring curves.

Three episodes in, and the story is rolling whilst the sights continually become ever-sweeter.


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