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Serving as no surprise at this point, Nazo no Kanojo X’s third episode proves to be an affair awfully strange – another step of progress is made in our protagonist’s romance, yet it’s not exactly what he sought.

Indeed, what our leading male receives is arguably far better than his original wish.

Our adolescent of main character status one day walks in his classroom after school to find his friend who pestered him about girls, now kissing one himself – he’s apparently had a girlfriend all along, and it seems this is kindergarten where such things are kept ultra top secret. No matter, our protagonist being the easily influenced, inexperienced teenager that he is becomes inspired with the desire to engage in similar acts with Urabe – in other words, he wants to do the typical mouth to mouth ordeal with his own friend of the female gender.

Yet as if this was intended to be shocking, she ends up denying him.

Like everything else, this is seemingly going to go her way become our protagonist is naive. A couple who place themselves on equal grounds is simply a ridiculous urban legend when it comes to anime as no such thing appears to exist in any Japanese animation. However in any case, Urabe responds to our protagonist as she does essentially everything else – with spittle. She gives him some of her own in a vial and instructs him to ingest it before he sleeps – which he does, ultimately having a dream where he answers his own question about kissing.

As he so tells himself in his dream, later reciting the same to Urabe as she asks, they should wait until they “know each other better” – a phrase both specific and vague at the same time as it does narrow the chasm, however the gap remains. How is our protagonist supposed to become any further acquainted with this female who seemingly interacts only through subtle verbal speech, and spit.

Transitioning into the second half of the episode, a competitor arises – asking Urabe to be his girlfriend. Needlessly, our protagonist indulges in worry – yet to his relief, she ends up turning the fellow down under the premise that she couldn’t form any bond of saliva with him. None of this makes any sense, although to sum up the coherent outcomes – by the conclusion of the episode, while not getting the kiss he so desired or being permitted a hug, our leading male has however managed to get Urabe to hold his hand, and her pantsu.

Aspects to dislike include that in general, almost everything in this series is illogical – not to mention the hero feels weak, naive, and pushed around at times. With the addition of many scenes of spit, the episode is not very appealing – or so one would initially believe. If one were to chop off the last five minutes or so of Nazo no Kanojo, it would be quite an embodiment of failure – yet interestingly, this anime manages to turn around entirely within the final moment, and this was noticed in the episodes prior as well.

While it seemed no progress was being made between our hero and his oddball freak of a girlfriend, and that he’s getting stepped on at that, in the end he scores her pantsu. Clearly with that, he’s gotten somewhere – and the girl does respect him to some extent. He’s already rewarded with enough of her slobber on a daily basis – so cotton underwear more than suffices. This series being as it is – one should simply determine their level of enjoyment, and prepare for the episode of next.


  • liamash3 says:

    He got…her undies as a reward? This anime gets odder by the episode…

  • Anonymous says:

    Urabe is an utter whore. In real world logic, she was spreading them for another guy, to determine who is better. Protagonist won the comparison…this time. Judging by how it goes in the manga – given time, entire school would become Urabe’s drool tasters. What a slut.

    • Seven says:

      I don’t disagree with you – it repeatedly struck me whenever she says things like she wants to know him better or something else modest and logical, she’s being hypocritical considering the other things she’s done.

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