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Evidence Of Yuri In Moretsu Pirates

Apr 22, 2012 @ 12:56 CDT

With Moretsu Pirates’ 16th episode, otaku have spotted clear evidence of a yuri relationship – confirming that there’s at least one pair of females within this series who are a little more than merely friends.

As one can see, the girls of Moretsu Pirates seem to have tendencies to burst into spontaneous intimacy, holding hands for no apparent reason – yet notice the pair to the left with the blonde, for them it appears to go further than that. The blonde looks to be unable to keep her hands off her friend – touching her waist for no clear reason, and she even stares at her darker haired companion from afar. The darker haired one might not realize what she’s caught up in – yet the blonde definitely has picked her target.


  • skylion says:

    This show has been letting me down for at least the past month of shows. No, not for the typical reason others clearly enjoy kvetching about too much. I enjoy the pace.

    This episode give her a bit more in the lines and appearance departments, but still not enough for Grunhilde Serenity.

    You do not short shift anyone that looks that good in uniform.

    • Seven says:

      The skirts in this series are wayyyyyyyyyyy too long.

      • skylion says:

        I’m talking about the Serenity Military Uniform that Grunhilde sported ever so briefly, but with such authority in the show and especially in the ED.

        Bark orders at me all day long..

  • zer0 says:

    And there is also the LynnXJenny pairing, She reaallly wants to save her.
    Not to mention they seem to be holding hands in the OP.

  • I find this way overthought. I see girls hanging out like that all the time, and that doesn’t make then YUUUUUUUUUUURIIIIIIIII (had to do that).

    • Seven says:

      Hanging out all the time and touching each others waists occasionally whilst staring at one another from afar during other times.

  • kamihimmel says:

    Best yuri animation this year.

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