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Blood-C’s upcoming film, The Last Dark, already has quite a few PVs, and now another one was released – this “web version” incidentally proves superior to those prior as it packs more to ensnare one’s attention.

Watching this preview clip, it is striking in that it seems to give an impression vastly more captivating than any of the videos to come before have managed – and for several reasons. There’s a balance on characters present – acquainting us not only with the obvious inclusion, Saya, but the others who she will encounter in her vampiric adventure. Secondly, the scenes are similarly diverse in setting. They’re not all sword slashing action moments, nor any single other type – it’s a mix of what one can expect from the movie.

Lastly, the PV opens points of curiosity to have one wanting to watch the movie – for instance, the point where a blonde fellow grabs her sword. The moment is of course never played out in full, this being a preview, and the purpose is that it is attempting to serve as an invitation of sorts – the scene itself is the invitation, and if one finds themselves desiring to know what occurs next, they’d answer said invitation by checking out the theatrical upon debut.

While nothing to transpire within this PV is too deeply captivating, there are enough elements to sit up one’s interest and feel this movie may be worth watching after all.

The Last Dark launches June 2nd of this year – and while not too overwhelming, it does appear reasonably worth a watch, more so than the anime in any case.

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