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Upotte! – Weapons Playing With Weapons

Apr 21, 2012 @ 19:54 CDT

Upotte’s third episode is interesting in that sexual innuendos aren’t as abundant as earlier – now present is a balance of information on weapons, slice of life elements, and service, yet it still lacks quality-wise.

With this episode, the series improves to the point of being able to pass off as a somewhat decent slice of life anime as it impressively does not get too carried away with any single aspect – however, a flaw remains in that the concept of girls attempting to live by rules of weapons, considering they’re supposed to be “weapons”, is an obstruction to any serious enjoyment.

The topics are either unsuitable for one another, or not portrayed as well as could be as various points of the series simply incite blank stares – this is displayed well with the scene of the girl in pink pajamas and her personal problem of pants which don’t fit. A blonde was messing with her pants as they don’t appear willing to sit properly at her waist – and then she mentions something about “loose stock” when asked about her pants by a friend, eventually leading her friend to respond with something about pantsu.

Even if someone somehow found sense in this scene, it was as if each second to pass had absolutely nothing to do with the other – it felt like an effort to dive into four different topics at the same time.

In other words, the scenes are not well transitioned – and on an overall scale, they’re not particularly well organized either. Only a minute or two into the opening of the episode, and the heroine is literally being fondled all over whilst fully undressed – the purpose of this is unclear, aside from the fact the studio behind this anime is eager to sell some Blu-rays, yet in terms of what it contributed to the episode, it was only some expendable female exposure shots which don’t lead up to anything related.

It’s presumable that there’s a weapon reference in there – although such would not make solid ground for suggestive sights. In fact, trying to use gun characteristics as an excuse for tantalizing spectacles is a recipe for disaster as the first episode of this series managed to show. However as earlier mentioned, a respectable aspect here is that even though some scenes are weaker in anything but eyecandy, the episode does not deliver an excess of such – providing instead a fair mix of female body emphasis, moe, comedy, and lessons in firearm history.

There’s not much of a central story to be found in this episode – it’s mainly the adventures of “Funco” as usual, showing us how she got her name, intermixed with a few oneshot moments, and some elementary school gun girl action.

One will have an item constantly revolving in mind while watching which will make the episode amusing to watch – the fact that the girls are “weapons”. It doesn’t make any hint of coherency, however watching the girls partake in assorted cute activities, only to remember they are weapons, it strikes one with both stupidity, as well as a somewhat whimsical feeling. No one who watches this expecting a logical plot to begin with, thus any and all gags are welcomed. Thus it is for the reason the girls are cute, and that they’re weapons, that delight can be found in Upotte.

That is however, assuming the remaining episodes can sustain this watchable degree of quality.

Those seeking story, witty humor, or anything else which makes a wonderful anime certainly will not find what they’re looking for here – however if moe, cuteness, or spicy sights are the main criteria to make one’s watch list, then this series is more than qualified.


  • skylion says:

    Well, it seems that this one cannot get enough of middle school weapons groping one another.

    This show has absurdity piled upon itself. It’s like when you make a sundae, what is the best thing to put on top of the whipped cream? Why, more whipped cream, of course!

    Case in point: The elementary sub-machine guns. What do they grow up to be? It would seem they never will graduate to furo groping. Well, maybe.

  • kamihimmel says:

    I have a question….can they graduate from school?

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