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Ika Musume Looks Different Up-Close

Apr 21, 2012 @ 16:49 CDT

Ika Musume’s fifth BD volume of invasive moe squid action is aligned side-by-side with the TV airing – keeping true to the common tradition of comparing Blu-ray releases to their respective televised counterparts.

Quite fitting for a series silly, the alterations are quite ridiculous in nature – it’s not that they’re negative or in poor taste, rather it is that most of the edits to the Blu-ray are literally tiny, a magnifying glass is required to view them. Amongst all of those amusing changes however, there are a few more significant fixes – namely some which replaced improperly distorted scenes with a clearer and defined image.

Taking a look at an example of each of the categories of modification mentioned above, look at the very first set of comparisons below – the revision is so diminutive, one can not notice it when looking at the scene as a whole unless with the intention of examining it for intricacies. A shape occupying the vast expanse of several pixels on her ear, intending to be part of the ear’s design, was deemed not particularly aesthetic and subsequently erased.

The reasoning certainly makes sense, and one can certainly agree when comparing the two themselves to see that indeed, Ika Musume looks better without it – although the edit remains so tiny, and in a comedy series as this, with visuals recognized for their solid and vibrantly colored shapes, such a minuscule detail doesn’t do much as details are lacking to begin with. That however may explain why removing this semi-oval was meaningful, the visuals of the series don’t depend on threshed out traits – but highly distinguished ones.

Even then, the the actual subject matter of the alternation in question had no mentionable significance to begin with – it was just a spec of ear one could have assumed was missing due to being covered by her tentacles, it’s presence served no value. Yet indeed, at least it does make Ika Musume appear more smoothly illustrated – and in that respect, the change is appreciable, assuming it’s noticeable.

For the other type of change to be seen within Ika Musume’s Blu-ray, scroll within the first image down to the unmissable blue tentacles on yellow background – originally, they became translucent in the movement, yet the Blu-ray has made them opaque and defined, a substantial adjustment which increases the impact they have in the scene, and in turn, having the same effect on the scene.

With that all said, seeing the Blu-ray leaves us longing for more moe squid – and thankfully an OVA approaches, although the wait is painful as is always with a wonderful series.


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