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Haganai’s Imouto Eats A Popsicle

Apr 21, 2012 @ 9:37 CST

Aside from the adult pantsu imagery of Haganai’s imouto on the fifth Blu-ray volume, Comic Alive’s May issue arrives paired with an original illustration featuring the loli eating a popsicle with a face quite captivating.

This illustration boasts many a trait sublime, thus one should simply focus on the more prominent few – the first being skin tone. The hue of Kobato’s skin here is more notable than it usually would be. Her skin is kept soft and fair – just a slight few shades above the white of the canvas’ plain background. Kobato’s skin eases from light to dark delicately – the gentleness of her skin allowing for her attire of black to gorgeously stand out and contrast.

Her dark ensemble is the most defining visual trait of the image – and thanks to it, her visage opposite in hue can stand out, as does the delectable portion of legs visible. Focusing on the former, her facial expression is incredibly complex in terms of composition – it’s a look as if she’s caught sight of something which seemingly stopped her still. A slight blush is present – the subtle nature of it doing well to indicate that whatever she’s affixed on has manage to incite an emotional response within her, yet it is more so something of a suggestion, a tender action.

She tilts her head, and this ever so simple divergence of several degrees has a monumental impact on this piece as it gives her expression a sense of becoming derailed in initial thought and mesmerized by that which she now stares at. Value is applied to her hair masterfully – and the hue of her hair itself is also amazing. She’s blonde, yet the artist did not choose a color which would throw off the harmony of the art – meaning none of the conventional lavishing golden tones or similar. Preference was instead given to a mellow hue with a hint of yellow.

The popsicle is praiseworthy in its implementation as the artist did not go the distasteful and overdone route of making it a sexual innuendo – the popsicle’s main role in this illustration is to display how Kobato loses her train of thought as she spots something just mildly stimulating. Yet of course, for something to incite that small amount of response from a person, then it surely must be significant an act.

And lastly, the addition of a second loli is certainly a lovely method of filling negative space.

Artworks which adorn a magazine or the likes usually isn’t as magnificent and elaborate as seen here – they typically do nothing more than make a show of the females in some scanty outfit and provocative position, yet this truly is a work of art exemplary.


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