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Sankarea’s third episode of zombie bishoujo and busty cousin affairs is a sort of “moment of truth” as the introduction phase has finally been cleared – setting the stage for all sorts of odd adventures to begin.

Our heroine, relevantly named “Sanka Rea”, was caught by her obsessive and overly protective father as she attempted to discreetly sneak back into her room after having left against her perverse father’s wishes – he punished her with a few slaps across the face, yet what truly bothered her was how he proclaimed she’s no longer allowed to leave the house, even for school. Thus, Sanka Rea attempted suicide through a vial of poisonous drink taken from Furuya – only to end up waking the next day as normal, the potion having had no effect, or so she thinks.

While Sanka Rea proceeds to solemnly go about the day as if no different than any other, elsewhere our leading male Furuya is excitedly trying to capture his resurrected neko named “Babu”. The ample cousin shows a side of moe as she looks weary and somewhat afraid of the idea of a revived neko from the afterlife – yet our hero’s loli imouto on the other hand merely glares on with her usual face of indifference, likely amused at the matter.

Furuya’s head is full of neko, and thus he decides to skip school as he goes in pursuit after Babu – the sexy cousin cutely choosing to tag along as well. The two carry on till the neko escapes through a tunnel in a wall – this is where our protagonist becomes separated from his gorgeous cousin, although it’s not as if he was paying her much attention to begin with, quite a shame considering she’s immensely attractive both physically and otherwise.

Chasing after the neko through the shaft, the bishoujo cousin ends up getting stuck as her curves are simply too voluptuous to fit within – disappointingly, Furuya continues on without ever realizing or hearing her calls for help as his mind is bloated with nothing more than thoughts of neko. The neko ends up having led him to a patch of the poisonous plant used to successfully make the potion – a place just below Sanka Rea’s mansion, and the same venue in which she procured the ingredient to begin with.

Spotting his zombie neko, Furuya sees it nibbling the leaf of poison – and one can insinuate that this neko of the undead is now dependent on these leaves to survive. Yet on a more interesting note, returning to Sanka Rea, she overhears her father speaking with his servant about having identified the boy she was with, our protagonist Furuya, and stating that he intends to have his “manhood cut off” as punishment for our hero socially interacting with his daughter like a normal human being.

Familiar with her father’s iniquitous ways, Sanka Rea knows her father truly will do what he says – and she of course does not want to bring any more harm to others then she believes she already has. She sets out secretly, casting aside her father’s absurd wishes yet again in hopes of finding Furuya and ensuring he doesn’t meet harm. Unfortunate as it is however, her father ends up learning of her escape – yet at the same time, it is as result of this that we ultimately end up arriving at the turning point, our heroine becoming a zombie.

In Sanka Rea’s search for Furuya, she finds herself walking across a cliff – hoping to reach the hotel where she typically meets Furuya. However, this venue happens to be right around the base of her manor – thus her father manages to find her with relative ease. Sanka Rea properly expresses her dissatisfaction and concern – yet her father is not open to fair reasoning whatsoever, opting instead to remain steadfast to his disconcerting treatment of her, grabbing here by the hand, and pulling her along back home.

Yet before he can get very far, our hero happened to be right below where this was all occurring – and that of course means his zombie neko was there as well. The neko trots up the cliff – taking a prominent stance. Sanka Rea is thrilled by the sight of said neko as she recognizes him as Babu – on the other hand, her father is apparently allergic to adorable furry creatures, and thus he pulls out a whip, intending to swat it away from his daughter.

Intentions end up having inadvertent outcomes however, as instead, he accidentally manages to make his beloved daughter lose balance. Sanka Rea goes down a long fall with a ton of momentum, getting sliced by a rock like a fish being prepared for the oven as she splatters on the floor shortly thereafter – blood shoots upward akin to a burst of water from a geyser.

Despite his distasteful behavior, Sanka Rea’s father does truly love her – and seeing her stumble many feet to become a puddle of sanguine memories, he’s devastated beyond words. Likewise, our hero who also witnessed this tragic occurrence can hardly accept the sight of it – breaking down into disbelief.

Ironically, this scene of terrible calamity is a wonderful opportunity to note the intricacy of the scenes of Sankarea – a difficult to miss example being that as Rea is now believed to have been met with misfortune, rain pours heavily. Water is a recognized symbol of disaster and similar aspects of a negative nature. However, the rain clears up after a moment of lamentation – and indeed, this means all turns well.

A voice soft in tone gradually speaks up, saying the name of our hero. Turning his head, he’s stunned to see a bloody and brutalized Sanka Rea limping over in his direction.

Her abdomen may have been torn open – yet such a detail is insignificant when one is a zombie, Sanka Rea still lives.

We were told by our protagonist himself that Sanka Rea came to him as a zombie one day, and indeed, this is it – the prophecy has been foretold, or rather, the promised time has now come. And on the note of promises, Sanka Rea tells our hero to keep his own as she embraces him – blood seeping from various areas of her body. Back an episode or two ago, Sanka Rea asked our hero if he’d take care of her if she became a zombie – and while our hero never gave a definite response, Sanka Rea seemingly forced one upon him, not that it looks as if he’s complaining.

All up till this point was merely laying the foundation for these set of circumstances to become the standard, the very basis of the story – a zombie heroine, and a male lead in love who has a pledge to take care of her.

As we’re now at a “true beginning” of sorts – the topics of question break down to several items, the foremost of which being the relationship to unfold between hero and heroine, how will said heroine adjust to her new lifestyle as a member of the living dead, and what exactly will come of her family now? Considering she’s technically a mere cadaver at this point, does any sort of bond remain between her and her father?

Those are all story critical subjects – yet most important of all, one has to wonder how our hero’s harem of cute family members will respond to him taking home a bloody, gut spilled girlfriend.


  • skylion says:


    • Seven says:

      Cousinnnnnnnnnnnn pantsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

      I wanted a better view of them than the one provided – also Sanka Rea censorship was disappoint.

  • skylion says:

    :::lick lick lick:: mwwwwworrrrr BAAAAABU

  • liamash3 says:

    You’re disappointed that you didn’t get to see Rea’s intestines and internal organs? I’m glad that it was just a black blob…

    Glad that Babu is revived, he seems a cute cat. I thought the cousin got caught due to the tennis racket bag on her back, which she shouldv’e taken off in the first place when entering the tunnel…

    Judging by the next episode preview, Furuya’s sister is as uncaring as ever, and seemingly unperterbed by the fact that Rea is undead and spilling her body organs everywhere. Indeed, she seems to patch Rea up and bandage her (a very nice thing to do). Looking forward to the next episode :)

    • Seven says:

      I don’t like censorship in general – if you have to censor something, you’re probably doing it wrong, and there’s likely a better way to go about it if you didn’t want to show it to begin with.

      The cousin got caught due to the racket and her body’s excess amounts of female – the two ended up getting mashed together in the tunnel, and stuck.

      And yeah, the imouto is great. Nicely summed up.

  • liamash3 says:

    Ah, I see. The cousin was caught due to both of those…do you think she could have gotten through without the racket, though?
    I see your view on censorship. How would, for example, you have gone about avoiding showing the intestines of Rea if you didn’t want the audience to see it?

    • Seven says:

      She could have gone in without it – yes.

      I think in this case, Studio Deen could have simply used a different camera angle that didn’t highlight the intestines and whatnot – although that would have greatly weakened the impact of the scene. In this case, their use of censorship is logical as they don’t wish to scare away the casual audience – yet surely there was a better method of going about it than a supernatural black blob that magically censors explicit material.

      • skylion says:

        Or a sunbeam for private parts?

        I despise most pop music when you get down to it, but I don’t demand that when I switch over to American Idol, that they give me a blank screen and mute the sound.

        It’s a show about zombies. If you don’t know that with zombies comes surprise gore…well….going out on a limb here…then there isn’t any helping that person.

        Change the channel.

        As far as casual viewers go, I am willing to bet all the donuts Araragi-kun owes Shinobu-chan that an overwhelming majority of viewers can take it.

        But we have a vocal minority that often calls the shots. But hey, that would be like me saying to the people that make American Idol, to censor the crap I don’t like.

        Or I could ignore it. Or change the channel.

        • Seven says:

          In other words, “if you have to censor something, you’re probably doing it wrong”. The next episode of this series should have a surprise guro festival and teach everyone who didn’t know zombies came with grotesque innards a lesson.

  • alexsaingxd says:

    So what?’Rea gonna become a zombie now? Story getting intresting.

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