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Saki’s Largest Oppai Are Outdone

Apr 18, 2012 @ 20:16 CST

It appears to have been too presumptuous to believe pink haired Nodoka had the most grandiose oppai of the Saki universe as a magazine reveals that in fact, a blue haired megane girl will arrive to take that honor.

Any who have seen Saki’s first season should know that when the final stretch comes along, new characters are introduced almost every other scene – that will similarly be the case with episode of side A as we reach the tournament phase, and it seems that of those females soon to make our acquaintance, one will debut who, believe it or not, looks to have oppai even more immense than those of Nodoka, the current, or perhaps now former reigning champion of cup sizes within Saki.

Although these may look difficult to compete with, such is untrue when the competition happens to be the ample Nodoka – one should still refrain from a final judgement till a better opportunity of assessment arises as this could prove a tie or only a marginal victory.


  • zer0 says:

    Kinue is not from the spin-off manga (Achiga-hen), she appeared a long time ago in Saki.

    And think she has ‘smaller’ boobs. Nodoka’s oppai should be compared to Iwato Kasumi’s ;)

    Yep, seems bigger to me…

    • Seven says:

      Those seem bigger than everyone’s…

      Though on the topic of Kinue’s origin, she might not be new to Saki – rather, she’s new to the spin-off.

      • zer0 says:

        Why do you think she will appear?

        Now you made me really curious, because I’m reading both manga and from what happened so far she shouldn’t have any relevance in the spin-off.
        Though it could happen, but I think it will be nothing more than a few panels.

        • Seven says:

          The magazine is hinting at her appearance – though like you said it could be nothing more than a few panels assuming she does show up.

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