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Haganai’s fifth Blu-ray volume cover comes illustrated with a sight most flavorful as it features the irresistible imouto Kobato – the delicious little sister character who apparently, wears adult pantsu despite her age.

One may recall that Haganai’s hottest episode showed this little sister to be more endowed in the chest than one would have assumed given her age – however apparently, her rapid development is not limited to her bust as the fifth Blu-Ray volume arrives adorned with imouto backside, and clearly, she’s far more mature than credited for. First of all, she was exhibited to have a rather delectable preference in pantsu within the anime, and one quite promising as well – a fashionable soft pink with darker pink ribbon.

However as seen here, she sports a solid black, possibly lacy type, which works well with her gothic lolita garbs.

While that’s definitely impressive, one will forgot all about that when meeting the sight of Kobato in her pink mizugi – for an elementary schooler, she certainly has a lot more female to her than most. She’s around 10 years of age, yet she manages to pull off a side-tie bikini better than any colossal breasted creature. Yet aside from her fleshy parts, Kobato has the sex appeal in terms of style and general physique as well – she boasts a seducing arch to her body, and the placement of her hands is simply perfect.

As they’re neither too forward, nor too back, the position of her hands allows one to indulge in both of the finer areas of her figure – and in conjunction with her curvature, the display is an instant attention grabber. A final detail worth noting is her hair which is prominent as it flourishes outward – rather than make her seem like a loli, this hairstyle has her looking as if a true eloquent bishoujo.

This Kobato specific Blu-ray becomes available May 23rd, and one may want to ensure they have no problems before then – such as being mislabeled a suspicious fellow, or anything of the sort, based on their interests.


  • skylion says:

    I call this a win. And, did anyone notice how heart shaped her pantsu are from the angle? HNNNNNNNNNg; as always an understatement.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sorry, I got knocked out of my chair via nosebleed just seeing the thing.

  • eliscrubs says:

    Very nice, she looks a little better every time I see her

    By the way Kobato is a junior high schooler and she’s about 14, not 10

  • Eru says:

    Buriki as awesome as ever. I hope a high res version of this picture will be available soon.

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