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After a grueling 26 episode stretch of repetitive scenes and incompetent male leads, Mirai Nikki finally concludes – bringing an end to what was seemingly an endless yandere dominated misadventure of madness.

There’s bound to be a fair amount of individuals who adore this anime, and who is to tell them otherwise? However the fact remains that Mirai Nikki is flawed and only short of an entirely failed work – the reason for this mainly rests within the middle bulk of the anime which simply is too sizable a chunk of poor story execution and lacking animation to overlook as if an insignificant detail. In addition, the anime overall transitions sporadically – becoming unable to have a smooth progression due to a butchered plot, and characters who hardly know what they’re doing.

Turning attention towards this latest and last episode, it starts as Yuno prepares to kill herself – yet even though having unforgivingly slaughtered many others only a short while back, she’s all of a sudden becoming sentimental, feeling too hesitant to gauge herself to death as she had done to so many others. The yandere starts blabbering to herself in a senile fashion till her other self awakens – allowing her to share her deranged gibberish with someone who hasn’t much a choice but to listen, herself.

She starts speaking nonsense to herself for a good while before realizing that her other self still has sanity – figuring that she somewhere along the lines became sick and twisted. She determines she wants to eliminate herself after all – making a move to stab herself, she only ends up gashing the arm of her father who conveniently appeared from nowhere to save his daughter, the Yuno of the current world who isn’t a lunatic. Her mother then arrives, and even the corrupt cop who hasn’t gone corrupt in this world.

It’s not the cop alone, no one is diverging to a negative route – in an unforeseen twist, each of the diary holders are managing to avert the road of tragedy they succumbed to initially. As that all transpires, Yukiteru, who was trapped within a sphere of his own imagination, comes back to his senses. Whilst Yukiteru goes to save Yuno, another Murmur who was apparently also enclosed by the Murmur of the whatever world within a sphere deflects a bullet that was set to strike Yuno straight in the head.

All in all, what occurs ultimately is that Yuno commits suicide – allowing the non-yandere Yuno of the current world to live a pleasant life, as do all the other former diary holders, and including Yukiteru of the regular world. The only one within the current world still aware of all which happened is Minene who now exists as two separate entities. Yuno feels she’s forgotten something dear to her – however she can’t recall it, and the conclusion comes as we’re shown that Yukiteru apparently sat idly for around 10,000 years, as little sense as that makes, with Murmur in an empty world.

While it truly is warming to see all the diary holders find their own peace, the closing simply did not carry along well with the story. Think back to how this series began, and everything to transpire to the final second we see – the ending is centered around last minute changes in heart from the yandere and spontaneous additions to the story, such as the yandere’s parents, or the second Murmur. It certainly wasn’t an awful close – however it wasn’t any more than average.

Looking at the series overall however, it is plagued with issues which make it unwatchable and not worth following through to the end – assuming one can even be bothered to continue it to that point as somewhere around the middle, it truly becomes downright horrid as the story of that section is an irrelevant mess with with more points open that it can handle and an excess of repeating elements.

Not to mention, Yukiteru is weak, naive, and a nuisance on the viewer as he commonly rejects the obvious to chase after clearly delusional fantasies – if something occurs right in front of him, he still doesn’t learn and falls for it again. Likewise, the yandere has nothing to admire – and in fact, hardly any of the characters are easy to feel sympathetic for.

Yet even with downsides, Mirai Nikki has a few positives which are in fact rather exceptional – although those are all mainly plot turning points instigated by side-characters.

There’s a rare few cases in which the animation, in terms of motion visuals, is well done – yet there’s also an abundance of ridiculously lacking scenes when it comes to even illustration quality. On the other hand, the music is far superior – a different medium indeed, although it detracts from the disappointing visuals to some degree.

Mirai Nikki is definitely no Guilty Crown in terms of sheer horrible – however it’s not beyond decent in quality at all when taking into account every aspect of the series. On a side-note, the manga delivered a more appreciable destiny for Yukiteru and his yandere after the point where the anime cut off abruptly.


  • Sixxx says:

    anybody else notice the flying baby in the 9th photo. lol

  • liamash3 says:

    I did, and was wondering what that was about…have to see the episode and find out. I have to agree with you, Seven. Yuki really should have learnt from his mistakes…especially considering how blindingly obvious some choices were. For example, you’d be considerably less inclined to trust Yuno after her actions with a few diary owners. Heck, I’d only trust her to butcher her foes, and remain very wary of her as long as I was allied to her. She’d be just as likely to betray as help you!

    • Seven says:

      Exactly – too bad Yukiteru was too much an imbecile to see the obvious however. He really aided in making the series unenjoyable and not worth watching.

  • Eru says:

    I was waiting for the hammer since the first episode.
    Oh well, I guess it’s better without it.

  • alexsaingxd says:

    In the empty world, Yuki’s diary said ”Yuno comes to do empty world to see him” – if a second season will come later on in the future, I can’t see what happens next. The ending was epic of how everyone’s future changed. 9th got married and the non – crazy Yuno was kawaii! She had said she had something that was very important – once she meets Yuki, it’ll be a happy ending!

  • Not happy Deus Ex Machinima (Meaningful name, but the genre/trope, not the character) in the end heh?

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