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Your Personal Imouto For Desktop

Apr 15, 2012 @ 1:52 CDT

A genius has devised a program for the Windows desktop entitled “Imouto Launcher” – giving the user a highly customizable little sister to assist them with basic computer tasks, or to simply provide amusement.

This little sister can do much for even the most tech savvy of otaku – and indeed, this program is literally a very advanced one in terms of capabilities and structure. To give a single and simple example of how incredible this imouto is for the IT crowd out there before delving into other features friendlier for all, one can allot specific CPU processes to different body parts of the imouto.

Now for some other impressive, and more easily understood details by the common otaku, the level of customization isn’t some generic clothing selector or something irrelevant to the otaku lifestyle – rather, among hundreds of options, there’s a “tsundere meter”, allowing otaku to precisely set the level of tsundere they want their imouto to be. Amazing as well is what this imouto is capable of, she can literally do nearly everything a little sister can do in terms of concept.

She can help her onii-chan by checking his emails, opening programs for him, or even help him select results on Google or Yahoo – her messages can be customized, and she can keep track of commonly performed tasks for faster and more convenient completion next time. She can look up the definitions of words for her onii-chan – and perhaps best of all, when she simply has something on her mind, she cutely shares it with onii-chan.

The onii-chan can choose one of several varieties of little sister character models available on the official site – the latest being Homura from Madoka Magica. And on top of all of that, the program arrives in three flavors – the freshest build of the program which is appropriately dubbed the “Homura Launcher”, a second version packed with only the classic seifuku flavored imouto, and finally a “pre-tsundere” update patch which makes the imouto a tsundere by default for those who truly have a fetish for those sort.

If only more of such wonderful applications as this existed, the world would truly be a splendid place – the individual who made this should be praised and honored for bringing little sisters to everyone.


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