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Awkward romance continues in Nazo no Kanojo X’s second episode which introduces the elements of pantsu and scissors – yet going a step slightly further, the heroine undresses to her natural state in front of a male.

Our highschool protagonist is surrounded by his peers as the episode begins – they all seem to be arbitrarily ranking the various females of the class as per their physical beauty, a typical adolescent method of passing time. Eventually, they reach Urabe who happens to be our hero’s girlfriend – yet it seems no one else knows this yet. The episode is preparing us for the theme of this installment’s story – now that our hero has his very first girlfriend, the object on his mind is where exactly does he go from here?

He was single, now with Urabe however, he makes a couple – the issue is he doesn’t know what “couples” do. His situation is understandable, and thus it proves interesting to see his attempts at going about a solution – he takes a sensible approach and asks his friend for advice, being careful not to compromise the fact that he’s gained a girlfriend.

Our protagonist asks of the “first step” in a relationship after becoming a couple – and his friend mentions holding hands to be the way to go. It sounds reasonable – yet when our hero tries it, the mysterious kanojo rejects him.

Conventional methods have no effect on his lover as she’s simply too strange, yet the hero doesn’t realize this despite how clear it is to us – and thus, he further seeks more words of wisdom from his friend. A very ravishing aspect in this ordeal is that it diverges from the overdone – one would normally see the hero receiving incorrect suggestions and apply them, only to fail, yet the case in Nazo no Kanojo is that our leading male is actually getting some solid counsel from his friend, however his romantic companion is just too abnormal for any those common tricks to be of any use.

Eventually, an attempt to strike up a conversation about hobbies leads to quite a turning point for our hero – asking his lover of her hobbies, they expectedly prove to be just slightly more bizarre compared to most girls her age. She enjoys using scissors, conveniently kept in her pantsu, to cut up various things into fancy designs – specifically paper. Learning this, our hero is left quite obsessed over the idea of white pantsu and scissors – yet in any case, he hasn’t yet made any progress towards his goal of looking more like a couple.

In what seemed a stoke of miraculous luck, our hero gets two tickets for a movie from his friend – still ignorant of the blatantly apparent fact that his lover isn’t of the mainstream mindset, our hero invites her to join him for a movie. He’s turned down – and with that, he collapses upset, questioning whether he’s truly in any sort of bond with Urabe.

Urabe decides to go out of her way to show this fellow that indeed, the two share a companionship through her saliva. She drags our hero to a desolate building and has him sit on a stool then close his eyes – she strictly informs him not to open his eyes till told to do so, and he does as told, sitting there with his eyes closed whilst having a finger wet with magical spit shoved into it. Apparently, this drool is unlike the usual as it’s somehow causing his heart to race and leave him feeling excited. Urabe explains this as her emotions being felt by him.

And so why is Urabe tensed up? She’s standing entirely undressed as he sits there with his eyes closed – it’s clear that she did this stunt to have it be some sort of evidence that their relationship goes beyond oppai and all that, intending to essentially massacre him with scissors had he opened his eyes and seen her. The situation was basically a test of loyalty to see if he likes her or her oppai – and despite sounding completely idiotic in theory, unfortunately we cannot confirm otherwise. We have to go ahead and outright say that indeed, this was plain stupid.

Who is she to blame if someone sees her raw skin after she decided to undress in public? And the role of her saliva is simply becoming more so ridiculous than it already was. It’s now being shown to allow a transmitting of emotions between parties, and to add this on top of what it was already exhibited to do, isn’t very amusing at all – not to mention, the sight of saliva is becoming quickly a sight unbearably disgusting.

Once that scene concludes with favorable results for the characters – time passes along till the protagonist awakens to realize he’d dreamed of having carnal interactions with Urabe. Noticing he’s acting peculiar, Urabe injests some of the spittle of her lover, the protagonist, and magically learns exactly what he was dreaming.

Episode one was relatively respectable as one would have assumed this series to turn to a more in-depth and series relational note – yet instead, this is looking like one of the most immature romance series out there as the mechanics, which are disconcertingly gross, do not make any sense for one. The actions taken by the characters isn’t anything any better than a regular romance series, however with more of a shounen outlook to them which is perhaps intended to be comical – and once again does an episode end on the note of sex.

The episode certainly wasn’t unwatchable or anything, yet the flaws are currently outbalancing the positives.


  • tsukune says:

    this animes a bit to weird for me.

  • Suhail says:

    Heee girl go take shower and don’t but your finger in you mouth.

    • Seven says:

      I agree – she should have stopped with that at the age of 3 or 4.

  • kamihimmel says:

    I love the op ed and bgm in this animi~

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a big fan of the Ed. I’m sure the saliva thing is nasty to some people, and I’m not sure I would even call it a fetish but if it were one it’s take compared to a fraction of the fetishes to come out of Japan alone. If you’ve ever had a deep passionate make out session you both undoublty swap more saliva than the two kiddies do off of each others fingers. Not sure why I like this one, I won’t be re-watching it anytime soon though. I did hate the lack of meaningful progress between the two of them, and the lack of explanation on the part of the psychedelic spit.

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