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Mirai Nikki may be receiving a second season as the final episode ends with a mention of a “next project” – explicitly confirming that there will be more to the series, likely meaning an anime following Akise Aru.

Currently, Mirai Nikki spans 26 total episodes and the series surrounds a premise of a survival game – and while the final episode is more or less conclusive, it appears there’s still much more the series wants to show us. Of all the available methods Mirai Nikki could go about this, the most reasonable possibility is that this proposed “next project” could be an animation of “Future Diary: Paradox”, a branch of the manga separate from the main story which follows Akise Aru and Murmur in an alternative timeline.

That belief further seems the most plausible when one considers that Mirai Nikki says to look forward to its “next project”, indicating a different work of the same series – rather than saying “to be continued”, which would have meant more of the same. In any case, we now await the “next project” eagerly.


  • Eru says:

    If it’s with Akise they’ll probably make an adaptation of Mirai Nikki Paradox.

  • liamash3 says:

    At least, with Akise, the hero will learn from mistakes lots quicker…Yuki was hopeless. You’d think by the end of the series, he’d figured out Yuno is insane and a danger to all, but no~…

  • Anonymous says:

    No one thinks that cryptic message was about Esuno Sakae’s current manga, Big Order?

    As for Mirai Nikki:

    10/10 for sheer entertainment.

    7/10 overall (animation, adaptation, direction, seiyuu voices, etc)

    100/10 for trolling the manga readers for 6 months of trolling the anime-only watchers with not-so-subtle insinuations at a “smashing time” or “hammering” jokes.


  • Anonymous says:

    I just read on animeplanet that the next project is just this series played in live-action.

    • Seven says:

      I received word of that as well and disappointment was had. It’s possible that’s not all however as a live-action series was already announced well before Mirai Nikki ended.

  • Anonymous says:

    Omgoshh xD i really hope this wil be out soon, i cant wait to see akisee xD hihihi i really cried when he died back then :’(

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s 2014, almost 2015, and I’m still hoping for a season 2 or a “new project” where they’d show Yukki and Yuno getting back together at least.

  • Anonymous says:

    Me too.its 1-1-2015 now.

    • Anonymous says:

      In the OVA they do get together? Ur waiting for somehting that’s already happened

  • Anonymous says:

    At the end of the ova they are together bt its sad that its over my fav anime :( hope for more

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