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Imaimo Has “All Kinds” Of Females

Apr 14, 2012 @ 15:37 CDT

Character artwork and a preview clip have been released for a lengthily titled eroge set to release in autumn of this year, Ima Sugu Onii-chan ni Imouto da tte Iitai! – showing a rather lovely selection of females.

This ero-game, best simply called “Imaimo”, takes place in the same setting as another title already renowned “Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate” – in turn meaning two things, and the first is quite apparent to any familiar with Senkyo to Chocolate. The characters of this game, as one can see, are highly similar to Senkyo to Chocolate in terms of artistic technique used to devise them. They sport the same pallet of pastel colors, gentle lines, abundance of shadow, unique seifukus, and very distinctive complexions.

And what else can one insinuate from these two erotic games taking place in the same setting? That hometown of theirs is apparently a venue quite immorally peculiar indeed – one harem is already unrealistic enough as is, yet two are to be found in this abnormally venereal place? That’s quite ridiculous – although silly as it may be, such is the case, and it’s not stopping this eroge. On a side-note however, this actually isn’t so much an “erotic game” as it is simply one suggestive as the studio behind it insists it is intended for “all-ages”.

Watching the PV, it’s composed of the same character profiles – now accompanied to some typical eroge-like seasonal music which seems to be the preferred choice of deflowering virgins, a sight which we’re not too sure if included considering the age rating, however, could always be implied or censored. Yet in any case, the PV also contains a frame from the game for each character – attempting to get unsuspecting otaku attached to some innocent second dimensional females well before it has even debuted.

There is however a detail which one should ensure not to overlook – of the several heroines, an unspecified one of them is a male crossdressed as a female for whatever disturbing reason. Diversity and diverging from the norm is splendid in most cases – although that facet is merely one which in this case will leave us steering clear of this visual novel and stick with something which features girls who are truly all female instead.

Atop of that, one can visibly see that there’s a heroine who dresses as a boy for some reason. A feminine male dressing as a male or a female fitted as a male?

While the cast of this title is too gender confused for the liking of most, this at least remains a fairly interesting eroge in concept – particularly as it is unusual for the heroine to be one as seen here, a short girl who appears to be a bit of a dolt with hair slightly reddish in hue. She’s certainly not the usual flawless bodied bishoujo or temptress little sister, perhaps she’s crossdresser?


  • Sentum says:

    All girls are so kawaii! Well, Mao Shigemori is the least kawaii :/, but still kawaii.

    • Seven says:

      Assuming she’s actually a girl, I think she’s the most kawaii – I like girls who dress like boys. In their attempt to dress masculine and not appear feminine, that itself is pretty moe, in most cases at least, as one can still assess that they’re an attractive female – yet for some reason or another, they’re dressing like they’re not.

  • kamizawa says:

    this is All ages game not eroge btw

  • alexsaingxd says:

    The ones I like areMatsuri Nanase and Kimika Haida. Those two girls are super kawaii!

  • Anonymous says:

    You got it wrong–there’s not a boy disguised as a girl. Ayumu, who is actually a girl, is forced to pretend to be a boy who “crossdresses” as a girl. The cast is 100% female, barring the protagonist.

    • Seven says:

      Nice job trying to correct a detail on an article that is from eons before the game released – obviously, the official details have both changed and expanded by now.

  • Anonymous says:

    Normally, I’d agree that details of a game do change from after its announcement, and since this was written before its release then mistakes are to be expected. But it says on Ayumu’s profile picture, the very one shown in the article, that she is a “男の娘を演じる健気な義理の妹”, or a “little sister who looks like a crossdressing boy”.

    • Seven says:

      My point isn’t that mistakes are acceptable before release, my point is that further details are released that elaborate upon previous knowledge. Manly imoutos don’t strike with interest either way – I think at the time I was writing this, my attention was on the vest-wearing character. Regardless, I can’t be bothered to look back on it and be concerned.

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