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Sankarea Shows Cousin’s Oppai In Manga

Apr 13, 2012 @ 22:29 CDT

Sankarea’s latest episode contains lusty cousin bathing scenes, yet those few rewarding moments were sorrowfully censored with the studio favorite method of white mist – the manga however holds nothing back.

Turning attention towards a pair of two images depicting the same steamy cousin bathing scene below, any should have certainly noticed that our protagonist’s well-proportioned cousin has quite an impressive figure – particularly when it comes to the chest region.

The anime repeatedly teases her ample feminine frame, however refrains from anything further than mere suggestive sights, and for obvious reasons – yet the manga is unafraid to break that boundary. In turn, the manga shows a few interesting intricacies quite riveting to perverts and biology enthusiasts alike – for starters, this bishoujo’s oppai are awfully substantial, yet they somehow still have a lively youth to them.

Comparing to the anime, her oppai must be either a bit more susceptible to gravity – or she has no nipples.

On another note, she appears far more relaxed in the anime. Within the manga, she’s blushed and tensing up over her indecency of bathing in a bath which is not her own – yet in the anime, she looks as if simply cleansing herself at home. As for some more arbitrary and anticipated discrepancies her hair varies between the two mediums, as does the background – although again, those are both details to be expectedly relative.

It’s actually impressive how well this shapely cousin has been transitioned between mediums in general – she sustains an almost identical appearance in physique, and has a visage which is only ever so slightly changed amongst the two.

With that all said, this is one cousin we wish we could call our own.


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