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Robotics;Notes Nae Tennouji Character Art

Apr 13, 2012 @ 13:49 CDT

Several character artworks and illustrations have been released for Nae Tennouji, the loli from Steins;Gate who is going to make her grown-up bishoujo debut in upcoming sci-fi adventure, Robotics;Notes.

From her varying outfits, it seems that she will be a female of quite a few trades – and incidentally, her black dress fitted variant happens to appear rather reminiscent to the legendary Lara Croft. Nae certainly seems to have aged well as it appears she’s become a rather well-built bishoujo – she’s not overly fleshy or anything else distasteful, rather she’s become elegantly ladylike, meaning she has delicate curves, and a natural sense of cuteness emanating off her.

One can be sure that of the many reasons to look forward to Robotics;Note, Nae is certainly one of the more prominent few – and for a handful of reasons. Her appearance in the game may simply be more than something to feel nostalgic about – it may connect the realms of Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes, opening a path for some sort of multi-world epic story – or perhaps even a few more Steins;Gate characters could make a surprise appearance.

With Nae looking to be still a young adult, then it wouldn’t be too far fetched to think an elder Hououin Kyouma could show up, even if for a split second only. Or maybe Nae might encounter her father somewhere within the game, a man renowned for his bodybuilder physique and shirt which says “I <3 CRT”.

Yet in any case, one can be positive that this game set to release June 28th is sure to be one spectacular indeed.


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