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Papakiki Partially Uncensored On Blu-Ray

Apr 13, 2012 @ 13:32 CST

Papakiki’s second Blu-ray volume is available, and comparing it to the televised release – it looks that the BD has been altered to be partially uncensored, and that the protagonist has been made more so dramatic.

Even on Blu-ray, Papakiki still does not contain any of the lolita fanfare found within the manga – however, the anime did ease up on the censorship ever so slightly, toning down fumes of white to be less ghastly and overtaking of the scene. Yet that slight modification is quite pointless as either way, the lolis remain censored – there’s no physical exposure, and thus a difference it does not make. It’s hard to understand why such billows of white were present from the start.

Now looking at comparisons of the TV and BD side-by-side respectively, it looks that a main feature which went edited was character facial expressions – while messing with the white mist didn’t do much either way, the series seems degraded as result of the visage transformations. Looking only within the first row of the first side-by-side image, one can notice the 10 year old’s face was edited in a manner that aides in downplaying her maturity and makes her seem more like a whiny loli typical to her age.

Far worse than that however, and the ideal example of these negative facial redesigns, is the horrific edit done to the series’ leading male – focusing on the second image’s second row, he’s been made to look much less like an adult in an awkward situation and more like just another generic male lolicon character who is overly naive and awkward around females, even ones several generations younger than him. What beneficial purpose there was to this change, we don’t know – and that’s likely as there wasn’t one.

In any case however, like it or not, the Blu-ray has been fiddled with for the worse.


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