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Tasogare Otome Massive Bishoujo Marketing

Apr 12, 2012 @ 13:07 CDT

Nisemonogatari’s colossal imouto has been replaced with a sight neither more interesting, nor anywhere near as satisfying – an enormous marketing board now contains an illustration for Tasogare Otome X Amnesia.

While Nisemonogatari put up a display of delicious imouto on steamroller, an abstract affair quite gorgeous when vividly lit up at night, that lovely work was now replaced with a far more dull advertisement featuring Tasogare Otome X Amensia’s ghostly bishoujo heroine. This bishoujo is physically attractive and whatnot, yet this image isn’t too different than a promotional work for any typical horror series – a female with two faces to her, a dark pallet of hues, and overall nothing particularly eye-grabbing or rewarding save for a single detail, her rear.

Had her body not curved so well, from the back specifically, then this truly would be just a horrific tragedy that would inspire question as to why one replaced a fantastic advertisement of a series popular with something more lacking in quality, of a series similarly not as good. Yet even with her bishoujo body, she fails to truly inspire any onlookers to do anything, except from perhaps touch themselves in certain places if she happens to be relevant to one’s interests, as again, it’s truly not too unique an art piece.

In any case, one can at the very least hope for something more gratuitous next season – perhaps a gigantic banner of Sword Art Online’s sexy blonde heroine might do Shinjuku Alta some more justice than this mildly entertaining ghost. It’s certainly not for the sword art that we’re so eagerly awaiting Sword Art Online.

On a final note, an advertisement is rather pitiful when the only way it inspires onlookers is by leaving them imagining what other advertisements would looks better in its place.


  • alan says:

    in my personal opinion i think it looks pretty cool, and i would love to have that in my room not for the bishoujo but i do like the art even though is nothing original but i think is pretty cool

    • Seven says:

      I know you don’t literally mean you want this marketing poster specifically in your room – rather a poster with the same image, but the thought of the former is quite amusing as this one specifically is over double the height of Starbucks Coffee, and far wider than it as well. I can imagine it busting out of someone’s room.

  • Dusk252 says:

    I have to agree with alan, that this post is quite cool. In fact, I actually like it better than the Karen one. I admit that it’s not exactly a masterpiece from an artistic point of view, but I love dark colors and I kinda like the concept too.

    On another note, Asuna isn’t blond, she has chestnut colored hair. And her beauty is definitely not the reason I’m looking forward to SAO xD (Though I really like her – she’s an awesome character.)
    Well, that probably has something to do with the fact that I’m a female but… I can’t say I’m looking forward to it because of Kirito either or something, despite having loved his gorgeous design from the novel illustrations. Because the anime designs are pretty lackluster, imo. It’s the thought of seeing my beloved story animated that keeps me eagerly awaiting it.

    • Seven says:

      I’m a bit joking when I say I look forward to it for the girl – I also realize her hair isn’t exactly blonde, though I can’t be bothered to nitpick in that respect.

      Honestly, the main reason I look forward to “Sword Art Online” is because the name sounds rather cool, that’s truly it. Having not been exposed to any light novels or any significant aspects of story prior – it’s only the pre-release material I have to go on, and from all I’ve seen, the name has been the greatest allure for me personally.

      • Dusk252 says:

        Sorry about that, I do nitpick too much about the most meaningless things.

        I love the novels but the name was actually what made me pick them up without knowing anything other than the basic premise, so I was pretty much on the same boat. And well, it really is an epic name to make us interested almost solely by that.

        • Seven says:

          I wouldn’t call it meaningless – rather, a matter of preference and varying interest.

          Also, that’s quite amusing to see I’m not alone in my reasoning.

          • Seven says:

            This occurred to me just now, however now that you’ve mentioned her hair color, I actually feel foolish for not being as specific earlier as I am quite so when it comes to colors.

  • Seven says:

    I should also mention, I can see why most would like this – though I’m an aesthete akin to the leading male of Hyouge Mono, for those familiar with it, thus I see something like this and feel overwhelmed with dislike specifically for the lacking artistic intricacies, namely creativity, though in general, it’s not bad. Ultimately, everyone will have their own views on it – true with everything, yet aesthetics in particular.

    On a somewhat related note, I know most here haven’t seen Hyouge Mono, however for the few that did, I laughed when I saw Furuta so bewitched by a flower in a certain episode as I do exactly the same – however I’d like to hope not as creepily:

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