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Hyouka Now Includes Mahou Shoujo

Apr 12, 2012 @ 21:36 CDT

As Hyouka creeps ever closer, Kyoto Animation has yet again released a stack of character profiles – however perhaps feeling a bit more excited than usual, they’ve also unveiled several artworks alongside a PV clip.

Looking first at the character profiles below, it seems a few individuals were introduced – specifically a mahou shoujo, the rest being simply a few we’ve already been acquainted with before now showing up once again in alternative attire. The hooded bishoujo fitted in seifuku with hair braided and megane is certainly an interest grabber – and not simply for her ensnaring appearance either. Her mysterious role could be anything from a playful girl who likes to dress up – to a legitimate creep who might serve as some sort of antagonist.

There’s nothing to indicate either for now – yet a point of curiosity is why her preview artwork contains no color, whereas all the many others to come thus far, and even in this same batch she comes in, are fully hued however. The main reason this is of significance is that her seifuku seems slightly different than everyone else’s – and she also stands out for reasons rather obvious, thus there could be some trait in the outfit which holds more than meets the eye.

Aside from the customary round of character key art, Kyoto Animation has made available a promotional video for the Blu-ray as well, this is rather interesting as the anime itself has yet to debut – though apparently, that’s not enough to stop them from racking up sales.

The short optical media promo video:

And finally, there arrives two colorful artworks which certainly make attractive use of uplifting tones correlated to character personalities – something significant to note in these two pieces of art is how the characters are segregated between the main unit of four, and then everyone else.


  • skylion says:

    KyoAni has some marketing down, don’t they? A week, two weeks? Doesn’t matter when select releases such as this have folk champing at the bit for the first episode. It reminds me of a time way back when: My parents wouldn’t take me to see Empire Strikes Back during the first week of release. Seems I was a naughty boy then. But, I bought the trading cards anyway. Seeing those images drove me mad; I started to tell myself a story just based on those images. A different story to be sure. I’m starting to do the same here….

    • Seven says:

      We can write a new story and make our own anime – if all goes well, it’ll outsell Hyouka.

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