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Sword Art Online’s sexy Asuna is certainly doing well to develop more hype than already present for this upcoming anime as she comes featured on merchandise made highly desirable by her delectable body.

Via Dengekiya comes two items simply sublime a sight – a towel which boasts Asuna in her translucent lingerie, pantsu visible, and a regular pillow of the same pose, yet a different outfit. While the sight of her physique in dainty outfits of intimacy is lovely indeed, in all honesty, she’s not nearly as attractive a bishoujo as many others, i.e. she appears below average – or perhaps simply this ensemble she sports as seen on the towel isn’t too suited for her shape.

Looking above, and focusing on her waist, rather than receive the sight of curves impeccable, there’s instead an unsavory display of obtuse shapes – these shapes have no elegance to them at all, and contain no element of charm as they emphasize a bulky outlook of flesh. Such shapes are not appealing to the eye at all – and they clearly haven’t even been given any depth as any meaningful value is entirely absent. Her upper body is far sweeter to look at – yet with the attire obscuring the skin, there’s not much to look at.

Turning attention towards the pillow, it is far more enticing – nothing appears to have changed in terms of structure between the two illustrations, rather, she now merely wears a less provocative apparatus. This costume has better shadow work applied to it than her bare skin, and it brings out all the key components of a female’s physical beauty – breasts well shaped, and rear certainly seducing. On top of that, a subject matter which is cut off, as is the case with the pillow, is in general more attractive to the eye as the mind begins going wild over the remaining unseen.

All in all, it appears yet another reason to be eager for Sword Art Online’s debut this July is for the bishoujo heroine.


  • zekeinferno says:

    the last picture seems more enticing than the bedroom accessories…

    • Seven says:

      It certainly does, I don’t understand why the quality of her design dropped on the merchandise.

  • skylion says:

    You know, I never really wanted to know what Yahiro from Working!! would look with auburn hair and Popura-chan’s eyes. At least, until now…..I was such a fool.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well I wouldn’t say it as eneffective. I had a boner.

  • A feisty young shoujo eager to throw herself into the battlefield… a particular type of character I love see being thrown into the depths of despair, battered and bloody as she struggles onward.

    Another reason to look forward to SAO, indeed.

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