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A series which makes occultism cute, Kuromajo ga Tooru, returns with more moe magical antics – our heroine embarrassingly can’t ride a bike, thus Kuromajo attempts to hold in his laughter whilst he aides her.

Our heroine initially seemed reluctant to partake in any supernatural engagements last episode – yet Choco suddenly comes running up to Gyubid seeking a favor of arcane proportions. She wants Gyubid to make it rain the following day – and surely there has to be some sort of reason behind why the heroine is so enthusiastic from nowhere for something so specific. Gyubid asks of why exactly she wishes for him to make it rain, and as we learn, she apparently agreed to some biking mini-trip proposed by a busybody kid of her class.

The issue in that is that Choco admits to not knowing how to ride a bike – in turn, Gyubid responds by first pointing at her, then subsequently laughing hysterically, and once he’s finally done with that obligatory ridicule, giving it a rest as Choco scolds him in turn, he asks why she simply didn’t deny the request to attend to begin with. Apparently, elementary school is serious business – and had Choco not went along, she surely would have had what is perhaps best described as “social issues” later on, or at least such is the impression given.

Thus, holding back his laughter, Gyubid aides his little kuromajo loli companion. He has Choco wear her adorable gothic lolita garbs and takes her out – deciding to show her how to ride a bicycle kuromajo-style. First, he has her plaster some strange, disconcertingly colored concoction over her body – then he subsequently instructs her to get on her bike and begin chanting some obscure phrase. Seemingly, he’s not so much teaching her to ride a bike – rather, he’s helping her give the illusion she can ride a bike through magic.

Choco’s bike now levitates ever so slightly off the ground – and while that may take care of her inability to pedal properly as needed to propel the bike, that does nothing to account for her lack of balance. Gyubid has just the thing for her however – taking out a cute ribbon and adding it to Choco’s already adorable attire. Now Choco can “ride a bike” as if she were a natural – the final obstacle she has to overcome being the realization that to “ride” her bike whilst with her classmates, she’s going to have to arrive dressed in her mahou shoujo ensemble.

All turns out better than anticipated, albeit a bit a awkward, when Choco joins her classmates. After a bit of chatter over her moe outfit, the expedition begins, and one of them complements her bike riding skill – mentioning it almost looks as if she were hovering, which incidentally, she is. Shortly into this small escapade of elementary schoolers – one of the few, a girl who, like Choco, couldn’t ride a bike until recently, finds herself in danger of drowning – yet luckily for her, this short series believes in one epic action scene per episode, and that scene takes place now.

Noticing her classmate is about to be underwater, Choco bikes after her like a pro – riding atop the water, and showing off some slick maneuvering almost as if she were floating, which she is. No matter, to the other characters and ourselves alike, this scene looks quite awesome regardless of how she did it.

Serving to make for an amusing twist, after rescuing her classmate, another gave her a towel to dry off after the affair – whilst wiping herself with the towel, Choco unwittingly washes off the goop which Gyubid gave her earlier, effectively eradicating her own Olympic caliber biking ability, or at least the illusion which was present of such. Gyubid isn’t willing to help her this time around – telling her to show off her own strength as a kuromajo, and with our heroine stumbling and fumbling all over the place, the episode ends.

Kuromajo-san ga Tooru is has proved a pleasant watch a second time around for several reasons, the series has such a wholehearted wit to it, as well as a humorous sense of irony. The characters are quite earnest, and there’s truly nothing of them not to love – and in particular the interactions of Choco and Gyubid are embedded with some lighthearted reasons to laugh, such as Gyubid’s unforgiving laughter at Choco’s inability to ride a bike. And there’s warmer aspect to it as well – such as how Gyubid legitimately assisted her after his finishing with his laughter.

As an interesting side-note noticeable within the first episode, yet now seen again – it seems as if Choco isn’t on friendly terms with everyone. This is not necessarily to say she hasn’t any or many friends – but rather a better way of stating it, Choco looks to be more so insightful for her age compared to her classmates, rather than sociable. She’s not some hyperactive brat and we’ve not seen her speak with anyone much – whenever a classmate is in focus, it is usually as Choco is pondering something related to them, rather than interacting with them directly.

In other words, Choco is no ordinary middle schooler – and that certainly shows well. This is a wonderful second episode for a series novel in concept, and too charming to overlook.

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