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Jormungand – Living A Life Of Irony

Apr 11, 2012 @ 15:42 CST

Jormungand has begun, a series which despite taking place in a setting of war, is more so focused towards finding personal answers to questions which have arisen from said war – a battle of both the body and spirit.

A sense of great expectation takes not longer than the first minute to unfold – individuals diverse in attributes watch with satisfaction at the sight of a missile taking to the skies, and simultaneously, a voice narrates to us a description of the so-called “world snake”, Jormungand. Upon the conclusion of that short scene, another intercedes which similarly takes not a single second for granted in its transpiration. The first scene of the episode was one of things to come, and now the episode turns to the build up of those very events.

We’re shown our leading pair – a female arms dealer with albino traits who is perhaps no more than 30 years in age, as well as a young male who is likely not beyond puberty. This kid is apparently a child soldier, and the latest member of Koko Hekmatyar’s personal army. He’s indifferent to seemingly everything – yet in contrast, Koko keeps up an attitude rather positive and upbeat, a bit peculiar considering the nature of her business. However of course, we expected oddity when we started this one of a kind series.

Arriving at their destination, Koko quickly introduces the kid she’s recruited to the existing members of her team. They’re not tilted in any particular direction upon their incredibly minor exchange of greeting with this emotionless kid – yet in any case, work is their main focus, and that is what carries on immediately after the arbitrary bits are dealt with. Koko’s in charge, and as it so seems, her target is a shipping container at the resident docks which is packed with weaponry she hopes to get into the hands of her clientele.

Although of course, that would be too simple – and complications exist in that a separate party is hoping to stop Koko from reaching the harbor, unsurprisingly through use of force if necessary. And thus as Koko heads seaward with her caravans of carnivorous killers, she chats a bit with her new recruit who happens to be the single other individual in her specific vehicle – his story is basically that he hates weapons, arms dealers, anything related to weapons or their usage as his parents were massacred by weapons of war.

That aspect surrounding him is a plain and painful irony as he specializes in those very weapons which he despises so dearly – we’re in fact learning of his hate while we see him reloading a weapon skillfully. It is with weapons that he survived himself – a truth of tragedy that will undoubtedly be lingering throughout this series to its final moments.

In a sudden motion, the kid asks Koko of how she deals with enemies tailing her – she responds that bullets come first, and thus the kid immediately brings out his full auto rifle and begins firing upon some nearby automobiles which apparently were indeed following Koko and crew. Koko’s shocked the kid burst into a spontaneous bullet fire – although it is too late to be bothered by such things now.

Hostility is now apparent between Koko and her opposition, there’s no reason more to merely attempt a clean trek straight towards the target – and similarly, Koko’s resistance hasn’t much reason to hold back now either. A combat unit is sent after Koko and her crusaders of injustice – yet they expectantly are thrashed in a rather captivating burst of action till ultimately, all ends well for Koko’s unit.

An item of contemplation arises in advent of Koko’s success for this struggle as the leader of her contention mentions the country, Germany, is now sure to find themselves at war. Much like the irony engulfing our leading male, this is yet another topic to remain on the side-lines for many an episode.

Making for a mental conflict, and a third subject to consider over the course of the series, is how Koko tells her latest lackey, our kid hero, that it was world peace which led her to decide to partake in the dealing of weaponry. Everyone is rather shady a character in this series for obvious reasons, thus one shouldn’t exactly take any’s word with solid substance behind it – but rather, keep it in mind and contemplate as the series goes along.

The events of the episode up to this point were more general introductory – and from here on, the series first establishes a sense of curiosity in the leading male, making an older member of Koko’s band of criminals as his mentor, before subsequently going for a standard story template in which an event unfolds with the intent of showing a character’s strength, in this case, Koko’s. She’s made out to be not simply some girl who is ignorant of the extent of danger surrounding her lifestyle and situation – rather, a witty individual with grasp of what she’s dealing with.

First episode now over, Jormungand’s debut is one which defines itself as not for everyone – it is not a gun and run Black Lagoon themed affair with weapons blazing everywhere, nor is it merely a lighthearted tale for any to admire. It is a story cold of characters who seek respite in their own reason of living – some may have already found that reason, whereas others, such as our leading male, are still in pursuit of finding it.

Little has truly occurred within this opening into another realm to arise- a slight spectacle of action was exhibited, and a few relationships have been defined, however the strength of this episode is the ambiance of possibility vast and wide. Characters are driven to move forward as per their own personal desires – and in turn comes simply two questions, where shall they go? And who shall stop them?


  • liamash3 says:

    It looks interesting, judging by the review and screenshots. Think I’ll give it a shot *goes and downloads it*

    • Seven says:

      This one is definitely worth following – I wouldn’t call this first episode extraordinary, however I’m positive this series is one which will later on have some heavy impact, and in fact, when viewed under that respect, this is actually quite an effective first episode as the potential is certainly felt.

  • skylion says:

    Overall, as an action series, I enjoyed the debut. I like how the nakama is seen being built from layers of loyalty; familiarity, trust, unspoken bonds, and in some case platonic love. Arms dealers as a family unit? I’m game.

    And we have Jonah, who is set to challenge all of those layers. Yeah, good start. I’m not a big action fan in anime (get plenty of that in US film) but I’m hooked.

    Oh, what is with the shades of Deadman Wonderland eyes?

  • The first image already hooked me to watch it. Really looks good.

    And isn’t that chick from Deadman Wonderland?

  • kamihimmel says:

    It reminds me of a famous movie~ Lord of War.I can still remember some classic lines in Lord of War.

  • My first impression of Ghost Shoujo? Obviously no one you’d want to have angry at you, but it goes beyond that, IMHO.

    As I said before, I don’t understand anything concrete about her just yet, but as I keep watching her I get the impression of one of those rare individuals that would raze and scorch the earth a hundred times over if it helped her attain her desire.

    And as for her self-proclaimed “little brother,” he’s pretty straightforward as a character thus far. Still, I’m interested to see how he develops via his relationship with Koko.

  • liamash3 says:

    After seeing this, I now know a few things:
    *Jonah is really tough and seemingly emotionless
    *Koko sleepwalks
    *I’m going to continue watching this

    • Seven says:

      “Seemingly” is a key word there – I don’t think anyone is truly emotionless, however a few are better at hiding them than others, and some may simply have theirs twisted out of a natural state.

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