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To much dismay, Tasogare Otome X Amnesia isn’t anywhere near the level of epic expected – failing to leave us liking a single character, and not showing us anything worth looking forward to for next episode, a weak start.

This certainly was not a bad first episode, rather it was simply lacking – and that for a reason which a character within the series describes themselves, it is simply two people flirting for the bulk of the episode, the hero, and the ghostly heroine. There is an implication of greater goals – however it is so minor, and pushed all the way towards the latter minutes of the episode, it has no compelling charm at all. And none of the characters manage to win us over – boasting no traits lovable or earning of sympathy.

Tasogare Otome starts with what seems to be a relatively attractive short haired blonde girl in some sort of paranormal investigation club – and this girl speaks to herself in the usual energetic highschool shoujo fashion about various recorded incidents around the school regarding the supernatural. All the while as she jabbers to herself vehemently about abnormal activity, such things are occurring literally right in front of her.

A glass of her tea is taken, sipped, and placed across the table by an invisible entity, her keychain is tossed around, papers she had held in a stack were taken, read, and returned – all taking place right in front of her face, yet she hardly notices any of it. And even when she does realize there’s something a little peculiar, she simply overlooks it under some silly method of reasoning. Ultimately, the leading male of the story arrives, and without needing to think too deeply, one can easily ascertain that he can see the apparition in the room.

As he speaks with the specter, the energetic blonde misunderstands and believes he’s chatting with her, as of course, she can’t see the ghost. Then, a short haired bishoujo steps in the room – and as it so seems, she too can see entity of the other world. This bishoujo mentions something about always seeing flirting going on inside the club room – and one will assume her to be speaking of the blonde and the other blonde, the girl and the main character.

However that’s not the case, the episode continues a bit further before turning back in time and showing us the last five minutes in an extended 10 minute display with the ghost now visible. While one would think that such a technique of storytelling would be effective in theory, showing the scene with an element the eyes cannot perceive and then showing it over with he missing element, that is entirely fruitless if it was already obvious what the missing element was to begin with. Yet not only that, the presence of said “missing element” was impossible to miss.

Any who have seen even a single promotional artwork, if nothing else, of this anime prior to this first episode should have known that the ghost was the bishoujo – yet perhaps those who aren’t familiar with this series at all might have been more entertained. Even then however, that does not account for imbalance in plot and flirting – and seeing the entire scene play out all over again, made twice as long at that, isn’t rewarding in the very least, and that applies even if one chooses to simply focus on the ghost bishoujo’s enormous oppai which go occasionally emphasized.

The recap scene does provide just a tiny hint more of amusement than the original – although again, as the short haired, regular human bishoujo in this series mentions herself, it’s all mainly the male lead flirting with the ghostly bishoujo.

After leaving the clubroom, the protagonist ends up fondling the ghostly bishoujo in as per some “accident” while cramped alone with her in an elevator – and to end off, the series gets right to the last one or two minutes before alluding that there is a greater plot behind this anime than simply flirting and oppai fondling with the supernatural. Silver Link’s flaw here however is at this point, we couldn’t care any less about whatever grander story there may be. Perhaps this series will pick up later on – yet the first episode did nothing to reel us in plot-wise.

Aside from the easily overlooked story, the visuals are disappointing in that it is only a few scenes which truly seemed as lovely as potential could provide – mainly the sight of the sky at sunset shown near the end. As for the rest of the anime, it didn’t portray much notable aesthetic intricacies.

Overall, this was far below what was anticipated from the pre-release material – however, do keep in mind we’re merely still on the first episode. Tasogare Otome may or may not improve later on – yet for now, Sankarea seems a better choice of otherworldly romance. For an introductory showing, this is certainly one just pitiful.


  • tsukune says:

    fondling ghosts… O_O’

  • Surprising. To start an anime off in a way completely different than the manga takes a certain confidence – though whether or not that’s a strong choice is an argument saved for later.

    But I have to ask… is this the lesson Silver Link learned after their C3 screw-up? If so, my first impression is that they’re still giving themselves too much credit, and the reason is simple:

    You can’t do an original plot of your own and expect it to succeed if it doesn’t meet and/or exceed the source material. Fans who’ve been following the light novel and/or manga don’t expect to just go into an anime and be treated like they’ve been following the series, and newcomers to the series are just going to be confused.

    • Seven says:

      It seems like Silver Link is capable of being great – yet for whatever reason, they like to take advantage of what not to do when making an anime.

  • White Shadow says:

    It still baffles me that they didn’t adapt the very 1st chapter, instead going with a later chapter and showing the same scene twice.

    • Seven says:

      Starting from a later chapter was one thing, yet they really botched the episode by showing the same scene over – there is a proper method of going about that, yet it simply was not appropriate in this case.

      • White Shadow says:

        And here i’m hoping the next episode will redeem it, else it’s a failure from the start.

        • Seven says:

          Agreed – major disappointment.

        • I’m struggling to understand the logic behind Silver Link’s move here.

          Yuuko and Teiichi’s relationship is one of the highlights of Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, and it was built up rather eloquently in the manga. And yet… the anime is the equivalent of an impatient child in that it just can’t keep its grubby hands off it until its old enough.

  • frost says:


    Well I liked the first episode and I’m looking forward to the next episode.

  • Anonymous says:

    As for characters I like only the main heroine. On the whole the episode seems rather amusing.

  • skylion says:

    Well, I guess two half episodes for the price of one is something….I do not like over repeated information of any sort in entertainment (some jazz would not be my favorite). I thought they would make it kinda interesting, but the revised scene turned out bland. Edit Edit Edit. Or don’t do it.

    I like the character design, and I did actually enjoy Okoime (the blonde girl) and her antics (I have a heart for the genki). So, let’s see what next week delivers. Mo Monkeys?

    • Seven says:

      I like the genki also – had it not been for genki, this would have been utter scrap already.

      • skylion says:

        Isn’t it amazing how one character can draw your attention to something you would otherwise reject out of hand. To think I was ready to ditch Tomodachi out of hand, until Kobato came along, then the rest of the character fell in place, and I had gold in my hand.

        I’m actually quite interested to see why and for how long the other characters keep the existence of the President secret from the Genki.

        • Seven says:

          I’m interested in that as well – also, the color of her pantsu.

          • skylion says:

            Given her internal monologe toward the main male lead…..guessing white lace, pink bow along the waist line, tight tight fit…

            • Seven says:

              Quite a rational prediction – it surely must either be that or kodomo pantsu. I hope it is the former.

              • skylion says:

                I don’t know if this series is set up to answer our question, Nano, but, I’m sure kodoma pantsu is something she left behind.

              • Seven says:

                There’s surprises where you least expect them.

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