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Robotics;Notes has been confirmed to include the daughter of Steins;Gate’s Mr. CRT in its cast, Nae Tennouji – and while she was a toddler in the latter, she’s now a sexy and cute bishoujo in the former.

It seems all turned out well for Mr. CRT after all as he mainly wanted a successful life for his daughter – and that’s what she got. She’s seemingly now doing well for the most part – and she’s even quite attractive, no longer being merely a lolicon specialty item. A sweeter feature from her aged appearance is how she still appears so innocent a girl – and on a more contemplative note, we’re of course curious of her role in the story, and of any further tie-ins to Steins;Gate, if any, that Robotics;Notes will have.


  • frost says:

    I’m interested to see how involved she is in the plot. I can’t wait for R;Notes.

  • Anonymous says:

    Interesting, very interesting indeed. If there are more tie-ins to Steins;Gate, I wonder which timeline this takes place in…

  • Dusk252 says:

    Nae is certainly looking good. I hope she gets a significant role – it’d be nice to get some insight on how (and if) she got over what happened and all that.

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