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Media Factory is taking mail orders for a bath poster of the cute neko loli heroine of “Hentai Ouji To Warawanai Neko” – adding to the series’ recent string of rising recognition and popularity through loli merchandise.

In a true “deal you cannot refuse” fashion, Media Factory is offering otaku a simple three process to acquiring a loli of their own – by cutting off an info card, filling it in, and mailing it, one will receive a loli as they’ve so longed for. Though unfortunately, those of us outside Japan may simply have to settle for the sight of this exquisite sample for now – and indeed, it is a sight worth savoring.

Foolish would it be to think this loli is the same as any other flat chested female – she’s the leading heroine of Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko, and as those familiar with the series would know, she’s a character designed by the very master of loli artwork, which in case one hasn’t noticed, is the reason behind why she’s so immensely adorable beyond any sort of regularly achievable human feat.

She wears no clothing seeing as she’s in the bath – and in turn, the artist behind this piece, Kantoku, boasts some gorgeous shadow work on her skin. Never before have we seen an anime female’s bare physique provide a sight as this – instead of emphasizing an area of the body, the body itself is the focus as it varies and transitions between tones in a manner so delicately, yet powerfully. Shades of light and dark are applied as necessary in gradients – and truly beautiful is how a darker hue selection is laid in a harder contrast in certain areas, such as under the armpit.

This neko-like loli character contributes strongly to the effectiveness of the art through her pose. By curving off to the right, she not only increases the allure of her female figure, yet this is also more appealing in that it forms an informal balance – an irregular positioning which captures the eye an extent far greater than symmetry ever could.

And of course, the subject matter herself is quite the treat – sporting her usual expression of indifference, and seemingly getting a bit too comfortable with the hose she holds, not that anyone is complaining. This poster is quite a fine reminder of why Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko is deserving an animated debut – and a multitude of more manga and novel volumes.


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