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Upotte!” has aired, surpassing expectation as it proves to be even worse than originally imagined – sexual innuendo is the very basis of the series, and it ends up explaining a lot about why the girls are “weapons”.

Upotte! is a series where all the girls are weapons personified as humans – however, there’s not so much a deep story behind it as there is a lack of creativity and desire to profit on a scale infinite in greed through merchandise. Reaching only the first minute or two of the first episode, one will quite quickly learn the reason behind why the girls are weapons in “Upotte!”. As the girls are anthropomorphised weapons, this gives the series a vast realm of opportunity when it comes to all the risque double entendres they can include.

Every chance the pathetic studio responsible for this animation, Xebec, had to make a sexual reference, they did it – and by using weapons as the context alongside females, they manage to succeed in doing this so repetitively much. The heroine of Upotte! is a girl who is a Belgium FNC assault rifle – and one day at a festival, she encounters a fellow at a typical “shoot the item” stall.

Now when the man grasps the rifle for the festival game, the girl turns tomato red and starts moaning about how this generic male character could “fire her off” – and that it would feel nice if he “wrapped his big hands” around her. Of course, she says all of this while fidgeting around, blushing, and feeling herself. Basically, this series simply takes weapon terminology horribly out of context, has it described perversely by a sensual female voice, and provides a relevant sight of a second dimensional female holding her crotch and moving around.

And this does not occur in a single scene or with a single character, it takes place repeatedly – anything new to develop only further contributes to the ongoing erotic gag. Though even more worthy of ridicule than the concept of Upotte! is how despite a complete lack of at least a moderately average quality formula, absence of decent story, and no legitimate effort employed for a somewhat respectable affair if nothing else, Xebec is still unable to come up with enough material to not have the episode be a slosh of same scene multiplied to fit the episode runtime.

While the series is all sexual innuendo, Xebec does one better, using the same three or four lines over again profusely throughout the series. It’s as if the script were written akin to a song – meaningless chatter about the girls being rifles making up the minuscule introduction and verse, then the lengthy chorus consisting of various perverse insinuations, and that continues along in a manner recurring till one becomes completely sicked of even a single second more of this series.

To best summarize, the heroine talks about how the leading male, her teacher, could “fire her off”, then she speaks about wanting his hands on her, and finally she gropes herself between the legs and says something about being hot – repeat that a couple times over and you have a full episode of Upotte! from start to finish.


  • Anonymous says:

    So the ecchi will be a level above MM! but below Kanokon or Ladies vs. Butlers?

    • Seven says:

      I’ve not watched Ladies vs. Butlers, however this series is certainly no MM!, which at least had more going for it.

  • liamash3 says:

    And here I was wanting to watch this…thanks for the warning that it’s rubbish. While I don’t mind the “girls turn into weapons” concept, I prefer plot over fanservice :)

    • Seven says:

      Indeed, I don’t mind fanservice myself if it is something like Kanamemo, which has to be the greatest example of fanservice and story ever, however if the story itself simply revolves around fanservice, then I’m not interested either.

  • Eru says:

    I can’t wait for the bluray to see if she is really wearing thong or simple panties…

    • Seven says:

      This series hasn’t got me interested in any way, pantsu or not.

  • zer0 says:

    Even with the added fanservice, if Xebec somehow follows the manga (seems unlikely, but there is a faint hope), it still could be good, the team-battles later are really fun and interesting. It’s a pleasant fun for gun otaku /> the manga/

    IF Xebec… damn… why Xebec? <.<"

  • Does Anyone Now The Name of The Sniper Weapon?, I Already Now The Rifle One Called IMI GALIL, But What’s The Sniper?

  • Anonymous says:

    what about the scene where elf chick fingers herself on the battlwefeild and the teachers secret porn stache!!!!!

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