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Starring the bishoujos of charming yet disappointing action anime Symphogear comes the primordial in a series of “Character Song” albums – starting with Zwei Wing’s first, only, and last live performance ever done.

Appropriately titled after the fictional group it features, “Zwei Wing” comes packed with yuri inclined artwork of our duo as so presented during their last (and only) live performance together – Kanade comes sporting a fashionable dress of red frills to match her crimson hair, whereas Tsubasa arrives outfitted in the hue of tsundere-blue, a cold yet revealing ensemble. Seeing as there’s not many songs on the CD, two themes with two variants each:

Track Listing:
01 – Gyakkou no Flugel
03 – Gyakkou no Flugel off vocal
04 – ORBITAL BEAT off vocal

Tsubasa takes it upon herself to please the fans through another method – resorting to her physique which can never fail to satisfy, offering a view of her delectable waist’s curvature.

With Kanade also being at fault for the lack of tunes on the CD, yet being too modest to give any sights of skin, the duo at least both provide an innocent, almost irresistible pose which invites the eye. The back of the CD case isn’t nearly as elaborate as it simply sports the same artwork flipped 180 degrees and turned achromatic, teasing fans with a mild close up alongside the ever-critical track listing.

Unfortunately, inside the CD case is far less yuri – and not very much music. On the left is the lyrics booklet with Zwei Wing’s insignia printed, while on the right is, of course, the CD which surprisingly manages to impress from appearance alone – a pattern of alternating platinum colors line the edge, and this is in fact the signature design for the “Character Song” albums, each album having its character’s respective color.

After finishing the anime, those who were equally disappointed might have been less inclined to look into the merchandise. However, these songs carry many memories of the positive aspects within Symphogear, for instance, the incredible music – and not to mention, one surely must appreciate the artwork if nothing else. Whether it be for the music, or the cover art, these albums are most definitely of collectible value. One can’t go wrong either way.

Those merely here for the two bishoujos in a single bed and are unfamiliar with what “Symphogear” is all about are recommend to watch the first episode – particularly if fond of the likes of Macross Frontier, or even The iDOLM@STER. While the conclusion was certainly less than spectacular, the road up to the final episode was a relatively delightful one filled with tension from start to just before the finish.

A combination of four tracks and one yuri image is bound to strike interest in at least a few individuals out there – and thus, be grateful the album is currently available for purchase now.


  • Seven says:

    I’d purchase this for the album art – more specifically, the Tsubasa. I don’t even like her, but that waist.

    • Hawkward says:

      She can be yours, for only 15 bucks >_>
      The tracks are good too, in all a fair price for what you get.

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