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Fate/Zero Episode 14 Pre-Release Images

Apr 6, 2012 @ 11:37 CDT

More pre-release imagery is available of Fate/Zero’s 14th episode – these few showing Kariya to be quite enthusiastic, Gilgamesh relaxing as usual, some sort of intergalactic war, and Berserker being himself.

Taking this sight in conjunction with the one earlier seen of Kariya burning up, perhaps Kariya may actually still manage to get an attack in – or at the very least, not leave the place in a fashion entirely pitiable. In respect to Gilgamesh, he’s of course looking down at someone – though as he’s relaxing in his gilded seat, we’d like to think he’s not necessarily engaging in any serious attack, or rather, he’s acting with motives other than winning a fight as he summons a golden nether realm behind him.

As for the fuming starships in the sky, we’re not too sure what to make of that – and so moving along to Berserker, he looks as if bracing himself. Interestingly, note how the slits of red from Berserker match up in tone with the pool of red releasing off the planes.

After a hiatus of a single anime season, it looks that Fate/Zero’s beginning of the end will erupt with more action than we’ve seen in every episode of season one combined as some of the major character who’ve yet to receive much an appearance are now showing up – and there’s even oddities like fighter jets and airplanes.

Fate/Zero is around only a day or so away, and indeed, anxiety is increasing under the stress of the epic.


  • Anonymous says:

    I’m looking forward to this show, more than any other Spring offering!

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s interesting seeing what people think might happen, makes me wish I didn’t read the novels ahead of time. Everyone is in for a spectacle.

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