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Papakiki’s second and latest manga volume gives rise to more bafflement at how the anime succeeded in not being anything like this – a story packed with loli bathing, suggested yuri sentiments, pantsu, and oppai.

This installment of the manga starts with the ever-necessary Oda Raika oppai exposure as our hero heads with her to the pool and her diminutive mizugi has a malfunction – as if that were unexpected. The sight is fully uncensored and available at a self-taken risk below – as is the remainder of the manga which is, unlike the anime, mostly loli service paired with a story hard to take serious as the incidents all somehow end up revolving around the concept of loli fanfare, as well as a few more intercessions of Oda Raika.

Of the only notable moments, all incidentally happen to be based on Sora and Miu, or rather, their slender physiques which account for over half of this manga volume. One of such scenes exhibits the loli daughter trio taking a bath – while this was not a common display in the anime, even appearing censored and devoid of any suggestive sights when it was shown, within the manga, gratuitous bathing is perhaps the single most often recurring event as it is featured in every volume, several times over even.

These scenes of bathing are beginning to feel to be Papakiki’s equivalent to when characters of any given story return to their place of relaxation and regroup – like the student council room from Angel Beats! or Yunocchi’s bathing downtime from Hidamari Sketch, only far more erotic.

As for a somewhat unexpected minor development, a cramped train ride marks the introduction of a possible incestual yuri route within the series. It’s only a moment of awkwardness as the sisters Sora and Miu are pressed together passionately, yet seeing as the series had no such memorable moment before – perhaps this is to foreshadow the start of something new.

While usually one would say such a thing is unlikely, considering the many instances of ero-convenient situations in Papakiki, it would not be too far fetched if Sora and Miu ended up a bit closer – even if by accident. An ideal example of such an erotically advantageous situation can be seen as at a certain point in the manga, our generic protagonist with a name forgettable happens to finish cooking just at the right time – not only managing to walk in on Sora getting dressed, yet while she’s in such a perfect position as well.

Strange as it is to cater to conflicting realms of audience on separate mediums of what is intended to be the same story, Papakiki does just that as the manga’s racy portrayal of a man with step-daughters is certainly nothing like the adorable and heartwarming story of the anime.


  • Anonymous says:

    Looks a lot better. The anime was fucking terrible.

    • Sixxx says:

      I agree the manga looks better but the anime was good, please explain why you think “The anime was fucking terrible”.

    • So it’s not difficult at all to see where your interests – by which I mean bouncing oppai and naked lolis – lie. -Nod nod-

  • wolfdawg says:

    this just made it to the top of my list.

  • skylion says:

    OoO, a potential kiss x kiss from the older girls?! Sparks! And if I’m not mistaken, is little Hina saying “boin” repeatedly while sharing her bath?

    • Seven says:

      There’s the sounds animals make, and then there’s the sounds of moe creatures.

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